Nervous about health of baby

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Nervous about health of baby
Mon, 07-06-2009 - 5:21pm
Hello everyone, I am 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. I'm very excited for the baby but I'm really nervous about drinking and smoking before I knew I was pregnant and how it might affect the health of the baby. So far the ultrasounds have gone well and she's growing perfectly but I work with special needs individuals and I'm just terrified that I've hurt my baby without knowing what I was doing. Did anyone else have these fears after finding out they were pregnant?

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Tue, 07-07-2009 - 2:53pm
I can understand your anxiety, especially give your career and what you see on a regular basis.


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Mon, 08-24-2009 - 5:22am

I can understand your fear. I just posted totally unplanned so please be kind. I'm so scared it's driving me nuts!

Good luck! It does sound like your little girl will be ok. I'm hoping for the same, if I make it that far!

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Tue, 09-22-2009 - 2:33pm

i am nervous , i need sum1, who cn undrstand

this is my 5th and unplanned,