good open house night at school

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good open house night at school
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 7:26am

Last night was back to school night where we got to meet with teachers and find out about what they are doing and will be doing. Got some questions answered. She has no website because noone has trained them how to use the new site (insert eye roll...wouldn't it make sense to do that BEFORE you go live with new site?!?!?) Also got the OT thing fgured ouyt. She came for him this week when he was out. Was doing testing with other kids when year started, but its time for his reeval so we will hold off on IEP meeting until retested. Also he has both a gen ed and spec ed teacher in his class. I don't know exactly how many of his class are on IEP, I know of 2 others but only because I know the parents, but our school fully emerses special kids. There isn't a seperate classes expect for when they pull the kids for services such as OT,PT or reading so they have 2 teachers the special ed teacher deals with coordinating the IEP making sure accomidations are made and follwed (really happy about that because last years teacher was so clueless on his IEP) and she also helps non special ed kids so its also not as clear to the kids who is special ed and who isn't. So hoping this year will be MUCH better then last.

Also changes to curriculm, first we waived out of NCLB so that has changed how they handle some special ed and extra help stuff but they weren't too clear on exactly what that means. The bigger change is we adopted the core standards they want every state in US to and while its not a huge leap for the state (some argue our standards as a whole in state were higher) our district had a different math called think Math. in theroy yah it makes sense BUT parents learned the old fashion math so helping kids was a nightmare because I know how tp add my way they used these boxes and addition we go but subrataction so often what was happening was kids were not doing math homework because parents just couldn't help so if kid was lost forget it. District had to examine all their curriculm against these core standard and also while our math scores were up on state exams they weren't seeing HUGE changes so we are back to old fashion math!!! BUT now they are back tracking and going over so things they should have learned in younger grades that some have and some don't so as a result they do a LOT of math. They have 2 math sessions before lunch then lunch recess and another math. Sadly that means for now they have to combine science and social studies and switch off. Also it cut out some flexiability in schedule so now kids who choose to do band miss literacy and or writing workshop so since those are DS weak spots very happy he decided not to. (in years past they had review sessions while the band kids were gone and now they will be taking missed work home)

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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 5:00pm
Sounds like a productive open house, at least to learn some new things!