i week down and so far so good

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i week down and so far so good
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 7:58am

OK make that 3 days but he seems to like his teacher. Granted short week and short week next week but afterschool starts next week so we will see. Rocky first day; ALL that summer work he never turned in. Claimed it wasn't in his bag but he found it. Rest of the week has been ok. First homework night went smoothly and since my DH is working a 14 days straight 10-13 hour work schedule things have run fairly smoothly. On vacation this week because of my younger DS scheduleand have my neice who starts school next week so our schedule is different this week so next week may bring some changes when he starts his afterschool and isnt getting out at 2, so we will see what next week brings but going to enjoy the day off with both my boys today...crazy school schedule to start the year 3 thos week and 3 next week!!