Do you think its important for primary school kids to learn foreign language ,outside of school?

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Do you think its important for primary school kids to learn foreign language ,outside of school?
Sat, 09-15-2012 - 12:53am

Hi! i have three kids, age 4, 7, 11.

Do you pay for  programs, tutors or other educational tools for your school age children (4-11)?

i was wondering how many parents on this board  have paid for educational programs , CDs, online classes or tutors to help your child learn a foreign language? Is so which ones do you use and why? And how much time do you commit to using these tools?

Lastly, have you ever paid for tutors to teach your kids or practice a foreign languages with your child?

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It does bother me that our public schools do not generally offer foreign language until junior high, as it is easier for children to learn new languages at a younger age.  I would prefer it to be part of the curriculum in grade school, rather than something we have to do extracurricularly.  That said, I was hoping to start either Spanish or Mandarin for my 2nd grader, but it isn't offered in after school this semester and nothing else works logistically.

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My 9 yr old has speech issues so we are more concerned with him getting English down. We do have a Spanish immersion program at one of our elementary schools where Spanish is started as early as kindy but it's optional. My home town has a very high Italian population so they got some grant to Italian to grade schoolers but it's optional too. I tried learning 2 languages and just never got them. First I started in elementary second in jr high just not a language person. If they have to take them in school then they will but if not especially with my oldest we won't. He is physically unable to make certain sounds so that could be an issue. He also has some ortho work in his mouth that makes understanding his English hard enough right now
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Plain and simple...... can't afford it.




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We haven't- it's not a financial priority given that we have four to get through college (now 2 and 1/3, lol, since one is graduated and one is a senior).

I think language is important - I studied it in HS (I took French 1, 3 and 5 in my three years in HS), lived as a foregin exchange student for a year and learned Spanish, worked for the govt as a Russian linguist, and lived in Germany. So, I do get it. OTOH, I think, on a practical level, English is the language of the world and I'm okay with not prioritizing language learning.

My dds both learned French and my ds12 is learning Spanish. Ds10 has not studied languages yet.