snow days snow days man oh man

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snow days snow days man oh man
Tue, 02-12-2013 - 12:35pm

Its either feast of famine here. 2 years ago we had record snows so used up our 5 alotted days and more and then last year we had none. This year we had 2 days for hurricane Sandy then Friday we got nemo. They closed schools Friday ahead of the storm between a parking and travel ban it was really all they could do because trying to get all the kids home during the mass exudus would have been horrible. Now the problem is they are having issues clearing  the snow and making it safe. Snow ended Saturday but by Monday still some streets not plowed and those that are have 4 plus feet snow mounds. Streets can't be widened and sidewalks while they maybe shoveled to some extent people are walking in street most of the time. Our town uses school lots for emergancy parking and they couldn't even begin to clear them until late Sunday, so we are now on snow day 3 from this storm alone which combined with Sandy has us at our 5 day cushion. So earliest we can get out is June 20th but we are still lucky. My sisters kids are now in school until June 26 at least should there be no more days but should they go over the teacher contracts preven them from working past June 30th. Plus we are having a special election and primary and many schools are polling places and close so thats 2 additional days to work out and the state will ONLY exempt days for issues arising after May 1st so looks like many towns will be faced with either cutting April vacation or weekends!!! Oh and next week is school vacation to boot!!! Think there arer MANY parents who are going to need the looney bin in the next 2 weeks :)