What are their favorite and least favorite subjects?

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What are their favorite and least favorite subjects?
Mon, 02-25-2013 - 12:50pm

Just out of curiosity, what are your kid's favorite and least favorite subjects? I just had to ask my 3rd grader that question for some IEP paperwork and he said his favorite was a tie between math & science and his least favortie was writing. 

I'm going to ask my 7th grader when he gets home what his are... I'm going to guess that Science is his favorite and Math is his least favorite so we'll see if I'm correct. His favorites always seem greatly influenced by the teacher. If he loves the teacher, the subject he or she teaches will become his favorite and vice versa.


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I was just asking 8 yo DD this the other day! At first she said her favorite subject was recess (LOL) but when I asked for something other than recess, she said reading. Her least favorite is Math.

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My ds7 considers writing to be water torture.  His favorite this week is math (currently division), and he's probably most advanced in reading.  At other times he's gone on science or history kicks.  He is probably most objectively challenged at recess, because his social skills need work.



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I wonder what it is about writing that they all hate so much? Mine hate it as well! When I mentioned it at an IEP meeting one time, the teachers all laughed knowningly and said almost all kids complain about it.