Happy New Year - 2011 Review and 2012 Plans

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Happy New Year - 2011 Review and 2012 Plans
Wed, 01-04-2012 - 9:30am

Happy New Year to all!

Since the board is slow, thought I would post a 2011 review and 2012 plan question.

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Sun, 01-15-2012 - 12:07pm

Honestly, 2011 was a really difficult year for us on all fronts and we aren't sad to see it go. That's all I care to say about it.

We have much more optomism about 2012 though. I'm heading back to work in my field. Just freelance for now but I'm both nervous and excited. DH's raise freeze was lifted this January after 3 years and that's a big benefit. No big trips planned as of yet but we are certainly getting itchy for some travel in the near future.

We found a new school option for DD in the Fall and she's over-the-moon about it. Basically, it'll allow her to take all her courses at the community college (which is really good in our area) for both high school and college credit. It also means not waking up at 5:30 to get to school lol. She's really narrowing her field of interest and putting all her efforts into gaining experiences towards that goal. She's lining up internships for the summer and putting in more hours of work to save for college. She's a girl with a purpose lol.

Last November, we pulled DS out of the immersion middle school program due to bullies. These aren't new bullies. We've been batteling them since 3rd grade but we are all just exhausted with the daily upkeep required to keep those nasty boys in check. DS is in the same school (that we love) but in the English-only program and thus, no longer with any of those kids. He's really happy, making lots of new friends and amazingly enough, his organization skills have pulled together. He's getting all "A's", no missing assignments and no reminders from me! He misses the Spanish but he's fluent now and we're finding ways to keep him practicing. He gets to continue Mandarin as those boys were kicked out of that program. He's had some great confidence building events like getting his black belt in tae kwon do a couple weeks ago. Everything is just clicking into place for him and we are thrilled.

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Fri, 01-13-2012 - 5:09pm

Catherine is now a freshman in high school.

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Sun, 01-08-2012 - 5:57am
ODD, 13, auditioned and gointo the European Junior Honors Orchestra. She's pretty pleased about it, and we all can't wait to hear this group of talented teens come together and do their thing.
She is doing well in school. Her three language teachers say she's doing outstanding work, and her other classes are all going well. She tends to like math and physics the least of all her classes, and I've learned to accept that. At the moment I've been reading A Confederacy of Dunces out loud to her and she can't get enough of it. We read Dickenson over Christmas and she laughed a lot over his long-winded ,picturesque descriptions. She loves quirky characters.
YDD,9, talked herself into pullout math classes and is doing well in school too. Her development is still very asynchronous and she struggles most with abstract verbal concepts. She often gets distressed over misunderstood verbal communications that she takes at face value. I've been struggling to give her equal speaking and listening time in a family that otherwise always knows what to say in the hopes that it will help her grow. She's also struggling with mild nonspecific anxiety issues and we're working on helping her deal with those. For example, she expresses anxiety that she might need to repeat a grade even though her school performance is great. Or she'll express intense worry that a blocked ear due to a head cold will make her go deaf. I remember similar feelings of anxiety as a child and try to help her by helping her walk through her concerns with if-then scenarios.
DD's musical abilities continue to be off the scale. She's focusing on guitar and vocals more than violin right now, but she's progressing in all three areas. DH bought a semiprofessional recorder and Dd is having fun recording her own songs, complete with vocals and backup vocals. She has a powerful, true, bluesy kind of voice and is a fireball. I'm guessing that she'll be ready to enter the national gifted program for string/piano/voice sometime this year, where she'll probably be the youngest and will finally have to put in a bit of effort to achieve her goals. At the moment she practices ten minutes a few times a week, which seems petty bare bones to me.
All in all, the girls are in a good place right now. They both have nice sets of friends, good teachers and sports that they like. DH and I are glad they do well in school but don't place any importance on high grades for their own sake. I'm looking forward to their teams' Odyssey of the Mind performances in late winter of this year and a trip to Russia to work with other foreign teams.
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Thu, 01-05-2012 - 8:34pm

2011 brought many changes to us as well.

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Wed, 01-04-2012 - 10:22pm

Dd17 spent the summer training and touring with Canada's National Youth Orchestra and then moved to Montreal on her own to pursue private violin studies and regular orchestral playing.

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Wed, 01-04-2012 - 12:40pm

It was an amazing year!

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