Possibly gifted daughter?

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Possibly gifted daughter?
Thu, 06-09-2011 - 5:56pm

Here are the facts.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 8:48am

Yes, a big factor is if she is happy.

My dd really did not like to be around kids her age until she was in a gifted program but every situation is different. I know this sounds harsh but she would say " why do these kids act this way ?", "why can't they sit for 5 minutes ?'. The noise level and frenetic pace of the classroom would leave her uneasy at times. So

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Sat, 06-11-2011 - 7:08pm

Welcome to the board! Your daughter sounds very advanced, and it's wonderful that she's to motivated. In that sense don't change a successful formula!. And apart from that, don't thing that you cannot help her because you're not equally intelligent. Chances are she's going to meet many a teacher who isn't as intelligent as she is, and that does not have to be a problem either. You can still fulfill the role of facilitator, of inspirator, and you can show her HOW to work on things that are hard for her, just like you would do on things that are hard for you... Especially in that last department there's a whole lot of learning to do for most gifted kids. You can teach her how to put things in perspective, adjust expectations, show stamina, communicate about problems etc etc.

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 3:44am

As Miranda said, if she's happy, continuing to learn and grow... well, you might not need to be "doing" anything. If she's in school, there is a lot they can do without specialty gifted programs.

If she will still let you read with her, certainly continue even if she's fluent herself. I think exposure to interesting things is good for any child. Take her places like local museums in town, nature hikes, the zoo,

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Thu, 06-09-2011 - 9:50pm
Is she happy? Do you need to do anything? From what you wrote it sounds like she's thriving intellectually at least. If she's in school, does she enjoy what she's doing there, socially as much as academically? Does her school see any need to supplement / differentiate? Are they doing so?

What you ought to be doing depends very much on the answers to these questions.

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