Summer plans?

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Summer plans?
Wed, 05-25-2011 - 9:52am

I know it was mentioned in the May check-in but few actually wrote their summer plans. I know for us, we just nailed it all in this morning. I thought I'd start a specifically summer thread.


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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 4:51pm

Our summer plans usually are about a big holiday trip we saved up for, but a. we did Japan last year, and that was quite the financial challenge, so we figured we'd take it slow this summer, and b. we actually just sold our house and bought a new one and we get the key first of August, so this summer we'll be busy moving! The big girls have told me they want to completely do their own rooms: painting and all!

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Mon, 05-30-2011 - 8:55pm

Well here is what I have so far:

the next 2 weeks he will be going to my Montessori school with me to the Elem. Photography summer camp

the next week we are going to the beach for a week :)

the next week he is going to stay at his Great Grandma's to go to her churches VBS (he does this every summer)

the next 2 weeks he will be back at my school doing an Alabama History camp session

After that my Grandma will be in town so he will be at home spending some time with her.


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Tue, 05-31-2011 - 6:38am

DS 5--First summer of real day camp, as opposed to daycare.<A href="http://s218.photobucket

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Thu, 06-02-2011 - 6:08pm

We are about to move from one coast to the other so most of our summer will be taken up with adjusting to a new community.

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Sun, 06-05-2011 - 4:13pm
A mechanic friend has pronounced the car "sound" blown head gasket, suspension now ds20 isn't worried about driving it.

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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 2:37pm

My 13-year-old son got the role of Prince Dauntless in Once Upon a Mattress which will be performed after the children's musical theater group's month long theater camp.

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Thu, 07-07-2011 - 4:42pm
suuzzzy and weedosmom: good luck with your moves! Sounds like stress, but the good kind.

Dd 9 has one week of gymnastics camp at the beginning of vacation and another at the end. Mid-July-ish we're going to Mykonos and Hydra for two weeks. Up to that point, DH and I have to finish an impossible amount of work. I'm sitting at the office now at quarter to eleven at night, waiting for the computer to finish calculating. I think I'll be hanging out here every early morning and night until we leave. During the day I hang out with my DDs and we bike or go swimming.