Welcome suuzzzy as the new CL of Gifted Child!

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Welcome suuzzzy as the new CL of Gifted Child!
Fri, 10-08-2010 - 2:53pm

Please help me welcome suuzzzy as the new Community Leader for Gifted Child. Suzanne was a member of the board in the past and has recently come back again for more. :smileytongue:

We're glad to have you back Suzanne!


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Fri, 10-08-2010 - 6:22pm

Thanks Kellie! I look forward to being the CL to the group of women who post here and always have words of wisdom for those who stand at the beginning of raising gifted kids in all sorts and shapes... I've been on this board for years, but the last two years I was mostly MIA. For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself 'officially'.

I'm Suzanne, 36 years old (gifted myself as well), and mom of 3 girls aged 11, 10 and 1 (since Thursday!). My 11 yr old L and 10 year old Y are both highly gifted. L has been tested with the WISC IV and got 'ceiling scores', meaning an IQ higher than 145. The psychologist told us in the old scores she'd be a 154. She's quite the adjuster and a relative underachiever, but very happy (as long as she blends in), always busy with arts and crafts or her music (she plays the violin and was admitted to the pre-conservatory track two years ago), a hard and conscious worker and very structured and organized (typical oldest child I'd say ;-) She's not very 'verbal' (less words, more action) and she's the 'creative' gifted type (making all sorts of connections between different bits of information, in rapid pace, making remarks sometimes that no one can follow back to the ongoing discussion, but to her perfectly logical). She has skipped 3rd grade.

DD Y is only 16 months younger but in many fields surpasses the development of big sis. She has a very different character, cannot stop herself from learning and absorbing. She's the typical 'visible' gifted one: talked before her 1st birthday, taught herself to read at 3, read all Roald Dahls at age 4, HPs at age 6. She accelerated from halfway K to 1st grade and again from halfway grade 5 to grade 6. She could have easily skipped 2 more grades, but we didn't feel comfortable with that. She's a september kid, so almost 3 years younger than some of her classmates already. She's had periods of depression and anxieties (especially when challenge in school was lacking), did nothing more than read for about 2 years in elementary, but is now in balance. Her last teacher in elementary allowed her to bring her own work (chemistry, Latin...things she wanted), and that gave her the impulse to study. Now in secondary school she's busy with homework, too busy to her liking, but she aces almost every test... She's the reproductive gifted type. Everything she sees or hears she remembers for the longest time. She plays the cello but is also a very sportive little girl who loves in- and outdoor climbing. Everything she does, she does well with little effort, but her perfectionism prevents her from enjoying most things.

DD D is still blissfully baby, very zen and taking her time... I have no desire yet to 'analyze' her abilities, I'm just happy she gives me time to enjoy every stage ;-)

We live in the Netherlands, but raise our kids bilingually as my DH is American. His school experience in the States as a gifted child were quite different from mine over here, which has made us advocate for the girls to get challenges and true learning experiences (like he got). There's no middle school and high school here, but after elementary (jK till 6th grade) comes secondary school which is offered in 3 levels. The girls do the most challenging track, 3rd level with ancient languages (grammar school), and this is their first year. Up till last year they were in a Montessori school, which was the best possible fit for them (own pace, no grades, lots of working together/social skill development).

So far for now... I hope my experiences so far can help people here and I also hope I can ask for good advice every now and then :-)

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Thu, 10-21-2010 - 11:54am