Monday Homeschool Recess 3/4

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Monday Homeschool Recess 3/4
Mon, 03-04-2013 - 10:20am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

I am officially over this stupid bug, whatever it is that I have.  Tired.Of.Coughing.  I'm hoping I can make it through the day...make it to orchestra rehearsal tonight...and work.  Wish me luck, LOL.  DD is still sleeping.   DS just headed over to grandma's to practice, and then we'll tackle some school stuff when he gets home.  Hopefully my voice will hold out for that.  So far they're both dodging the bullet and not getting sick...hopefully that will remain the case.

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Mon, 03-04-2013 - 10:33am

Good morning!  I was able to log in on the first try with IE! Hope that is a sign of progress on iVillage's part and not another glitch.

I was suppose to meet a friend for breakfast, but she called and cancelled.  Her life in one traumatic event after another.  It's hard to read between the lines as to what is a real problem and what is not.  Sadly I think there are some serious issues going on with her teen daughter that she is unwilling to consider and I am unsure if I should say something or not.  If I met this friend now, we would not be friends as her life is such a mess that I hardly see the glimmer of her anymore.  It's sad to watch a family fall apart. 

Zeph is working on school.  He's got a pretty full day today-mostly history, so he is a happy boy.  He's starting a multi day hands on project for the Civil War as well as 2 lessons in the next lap book with 3 mini projects.  Then there is the studying from the European AP book and hoping we can fit in watching the first installment of The Bible-that's more cultural literacy than history.  Math and our read aloud round out the day.  

DH is feeling better.  He's got an easy couple of work at home days sio he can rest.  I'm pretty caught up around the house.  I'm going to relax today before the MIL is coming vibes set in.  She'll be here Friday.

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Mon, 03-04-2013 - 12:18pm

I hear ya, on problems and friends. It seems everyone is over their head with problems. I have always tried to be a good listener, and just see the good in stuff, but lately I am tired of it all. Yes, we all got problems...yes we all gotta deal with them! If not they always come back again. It is the pity seekers that bother me, they don't want to solve anything, they just love being pityful. What makes folks want to be like that? Then if you actively want to and  maybe even do solve your own issues, they hate you for being able to do that. Not than any of us can solve all our own problems because we can't, we all need one another for a reason, we are suppose to help one another. 

It is sad to me how hard it is to keep a family strong and healthy these days. Yet, we all have to try and try, no matter what. The healthier the better for all of society, health is wealth. So I will keep trying! 

Yeah.... today is not going as planned at all. My student is ill and finally kept down a little toast and is now napping on the sofa next to me. I am trying to keep myself and the pets quiet so she can rest. I will mess around with new computer and then do some reading or quiet planning work, until taxi mom job, and then looks like we will all stay home tonight with snow on roads and one ill child, anyway.  

We now have a cat sitting house and a bird sitting house as people leave the snow for the warmth and Vitamin D of sunny places and vacations. My kids enjoy these odd jobs, and real world experience, they provide! I have so much to do right now I can't even keep it all written up in my calanders of home/work/school....and do it too! I keep delegating and then more stuff gets added on as soon as I think I have time. I guess juggling is good for me, because I keep managing to do more than I can even keep up with...magic for sure. I guess being a inner calm type pays off in some places. Or maybe it is figuring out how to sleep better at night...yet still I wake to much!   

Have a good day all! May the schooling get done. My baby is awake again and so we will go read! 


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Mon, 03-04-2013 - 1:01pm
I only had to login once also, although I did get the "you are not authorized to post comments" message so had to hit reply twice, and while I was logging in a box popped over the login window. I'm using a laptop with a big screen....there's plenty of room for the box to go and be in a less annoying place. (I have to click it out of the way before I log in.) Well, I did it again: stayed up late working on Saturday night, until almost four, which made me not be able to sleep much the rest of the night. And it interfered with my sleep last night too. So...took my time card to the office this morning and then did some more work reconciling the actual construction of the building with the inaccurate floorplans I have. This project has taken Soooooooo Long...trying to get most of it (this building at least) done before the Safety Meeting on Thursday morning. Oh, wait, have I said that before? Like last month and the month before that and the month before that and... Today is a town day...dd19 has printmaking class and a piano lesson and then we are going to visit relatives for a while and then maybe get home before full dark for an earlyish night, because we are going to the airport tomorrow to pick up dh and dd15. We're going to try to leave a couple of hours early, just so we can spend a couple of hours in town and not have to get right back in the car and come home. We'll probably go grocery shopping and maybe to the office supply store. And then I will drive home...I seem to recall that dh tried to drive jet lagged before and refused to give up the wheel even though he was clearly too tired to drive! dd's piano teacher called...lesson is on Wednesday instead. Good. (I had expected to get a lot more done while dh was cleaning, healthy is true that the kitchen is marginally cleaner than when everyone is here to mess it up, and I cleaned a portion of dh's "man cave" (his side of the bed & finally got the laundry pile out of the hallway and vacuumed various parts of the house, but...Better Homes and Gardens it isn't. And I made lentil soup one day, and along with green smoothies and chocolate, that's pretty much what we're eating...) White Paws is on my chest...he is a good (if pushy) cat. So time to have some Quality Time with him before I roust dd from bed and we go to town... Deborah