Monday Homeschool Recess 4/22

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Monday Homeschool Recess 4/22
Mon, 04-22-2013 - 8:05am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

That golden orb is in the sky again.  How many days in a row is this now for such strangeness?  Good thing it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I don't know how much more sunshine I could take, ROFL.  I might even be able to wear my new music t-shirt to orchestra rehearsal tonight without freezing.  Such a cold April!

DH is discombobulating my schedule this morning.  Good thing he's leaving soon, LOL.  He's going to work trucks...but he never says ahead what he's going to do.  So last time, his alarm went off insanely early and woke me up and he didn't even hear it.  So today, I lie there waiting for the alarm...which of course, never went off.  I just never know what to expect, and even if he says he's going to do something, that's not necessarily what ends up happening.  So anyway....once he's out of the shower, I'll go get mine and then go get my hair cut, and then fix "family breakfast" for what family is left at home.  Yummy.

Gonna get a bunch of school stuff done with ds.  I'm sure he'll love that...LOL.  We're mixing and matching at the end of the year to get stuff done, since he took that 6 week long "spring break" LOL.  REad-alouds are now bedtime stories, etc.  We'll finish before September Laughing  DD has a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and then it's the usual Monday rehearsal routine.  Actually, it's her last Monday rehearsal of the season.  She'll have "free time" soon.  Joy.

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 8:35am

The sun is shining here too.  I'm waiting for DS to wake up so he can get an early start on school.  On the other hand, it's good he's sleeping in. This is his first sound night of sleep in a while. 

 We need to return some library books, run to the post office, and then meet a friend.  We're having lunch out and then going to homeschool jump at one of those extreme trampoline places.  My guess is that the boys will play afterwards.  Tennis is scheduled for tonight, but I'm not sure if they are running the class or not die to all the flooding. 


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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 10:05am

I think I may be getting two good days in a row! Yeah, my healing work is going well! Good because I am so bored of sitting so much and I am going to get real fat sitting, watching TV and eating chocolate, because I feel yuck and depressed by injury. I did not need to take any pain meds this morning. Plus less over all to deal with pain, only after physical therapy or at later afternoons and evenings now, so less pain is good sign for healing! I keep watching TV and they are all doing fun things with good keeps me working more so I can do that stuff as well!   I just have to remember feeling better not over do to much to fast and go backwards. 

I hope with less pain I can think more clearly and get more school work done with my little one as well. I know I will still need rest, but I am excited to start to feeling a bit better. I want to do stuff, so tired of wrinkled clothes and dirty blankets (dh did finally wash that one this weekend). So excited to do more work today!