Monday Homeschool Recess 5/6

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Monday Homeschool Recess 5/6
Mon, 05-06-2013 - 12:36am


Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

How did it get to be Monday already?  And more importantly, why is my water bottle already empty.  Now I have to walk to the fridge and get the cold one.  Sigh.  I wonder if it would be acceptable to move the fridge next to the radios and computers and eliminate the effort of getting up Wink  Whine whine.  And yes, I am a good girl and I do get and move around and get some exercise when I can.

Today's schedule is fairly light.  DH is going to work his weighmaster job for a few hours.  I have an orchestra rehearsal tonight.  DD is going to her choir friend's house to hang out while I rehearse, and ds is going to come listen to rehearsal because he'll be out of town for a weekend campout and won't be able to attend the concert on the 19th.

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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 8:58am

Good morning! Laundry is going.  My laundry room is always a mess.  I have piles on the floor.  Last night I noticed a bad smell coming from there only to find that the hot water heater leaked into the laundry room but a pile of clothes soaked it up and started to mold.  Underneath the pile, the floor is buckled and it is a mess.  I'm  washing that pile on sanitize with color safe bleach in hopes that the mold disappears.  We'll see if it works.  

I'm waiting for DS to wake up so we can start school.  In addition to regular school work, he needs to finish Charleston picture poster and make labels for his projects.  Tonight is the first (annual, hopefully) homeschool showcase at the library  He is bringing his lap book and notebook fo the Civil War along with his projects to display.  I still need to type up a book, movie, and field trip list for him.  I hope people show up. 

Yesterday we went to a history speaks lecture on the WWll Women's Airforce Service Pilots or the W.A.S.P. program.  DS was the kid in the audience so he got to go up and be dressed like an open air cockpit  pilot.  He was happy to help out. 

Tennis tonight if the rain holds off. 

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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 9:44am

Is there less crime on Mondays? I bet even criminals, hate Monday's. Or do they use it against us as we are all in a Monday haze? So we are easier targets? That be a great topic to research, but not on a Monday!

We are having Monday morning computer time. My kid said seeing it is a school time hour she tries to only play on educational sites, she such a teachers pet, telling me that! I get a new student! A few days a week I get a Kindergartener in the mornings as her Mommy, a neighbor has to go take care of an ill family member far, far away. I hope to keep her busy and happy so she does not miss her Mommy to much.Her Mommy will be away a few weeks. I will assign my 4th grader some peer tutoring work so she can help too. I need to go print stuff and do stuff I am always putting off, do it on a Monday, because Monday sucks already, so do the dull work on Monday! I want a field trip but the insane weather and my health issues that one day lots of pain, one day less pain, has me putting it off. I start feeling better, ignore the healthcare work on myself and then pain again! Or to much pushing it, physical therapy and over use puts me out a whole day. I am no good at balance! So I tried to set up for better me health again this week, cause I have to get tired of knee pain crap, slowing me down, making me either sleepy or not able to sleep well! Why can't we always just be well! Have they not invented a pill for that? Why NOT? We need better scientist geez! I may add an extra Science experiment into my week, just in case the student goes into that field!  Currently she wants to be a baker, muffin maker and canner of peas! Ofcourse that is all Science work as sciences, nutrition!

Busy week....Monday blues, need to find my Happy place. I think it is hidden under knee pain issues. Blah.



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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 11:23am

I am feeling so productive!  Only 10:00 and 2 of the 3 of us are showered.  Poor DH, aftet the 2 hour sanitize cycle on super hot and two showers, he's goign to have a take cold one!  Dh vacummed out my car-finally!  I've done one load of the moldy laundry and it looks and smells okay. I folded and put away the clothes in the dryer and emptied the dishwasher.  I have another load ready to go (colds) once DH gets out of his shower. 

Zeph took an online history quiz and completed 2 online history lessons along with a vocabulary lesson-oral and written components.  We had time to read Two Miserable Presidents, our set aside but much beloved history text for the year.  He drew a map of hte world from memory for a diffent history course.  While he can visualize it in his head, the actal drawing of the continents was off.  He worked on it all last week with an atlas and this morning did it form memory. I'm thinking mapping the world by art might make its way into our curriclum next year.

He's currently working on a journal assignment and then he has some time off until he and DH leave for errands.   The need a gold button for his cartridge box, 2 photos for his poster, and a stop at the post office to mail Mother's Day cards. 

If only we could be this on top of things each day... 

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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 2:11pm
We have been very productive too. Only a few more Chapters in our History reader, and one more book(SOTW) in the series. One more disk of Math left, so that is probably more than a month. We did great spelling/language arts stuff, we will do some of that all summer. We still have music practice, although she did play Piano. The kid now play's more Piano than she ever did when having lessons and recitals. She will fight about work assigned to her without a credit/incentive given such a Viola practice for a recital event, yet, play Piano for fun now that it is not tied to a lesson or judgement! She is so not a normal kid. LOL. Yet, Ice cream seems to be a great motivator of getting her practice done so what ever works! She just makes me tired. I am tired. So my rest time before picking up kids out in the community. So thankful no place to be tonight. YEA. Probably just more home work. :( Heather
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Mon, 05-06-2013 - 11:19pm
Today dd19's print class had critiques and exchanged prints (each got to select one made by the others, including the teacher, so dd ended up with four prints). Even though we went to town two hours early so she could finish things that should have been done by last Thursday, it would be good if she could mat four more prints and she still has a solar print to do which she was ready to do weeks ago but the materials were not in, and recently the sun has not cooperated. dd15 and I went grocery shopping and hung out with relatives and went to the park with ds22 (twice!) who was supposed to be writing papers. dd15 had a voice lesson (she asked if she can start a wind instrument next year and I said it has to be one that we can get lessons on, like trombone!...there aren't so many teachers here) and dd19 had a piano lesson and then we bought ice cream bars and met ds22 at the park and they all swung on the swings. We left early enough that we wouldn't have to drive in the dark, and then I had dd19 drive us home from the middle of the closer town. She didn't have to make any traffic decisions, but we did meet a couple of cars coming from the other direction. We got home at sunset and unloaded the groceries, and then I took dd15 driving as it got darker and then very dark (no moon now)...we did a modified version of what dd19 did last night: there are two picnic spots about a mile apart, both on the same side of the road, so we went in a loop: turning left into the first area to switch directions, then turning right in a loop at the other area to switch directions, over and over. After the first few tries I had her let me drive so that I could show her what I meant...was not describing it well enough for her to understand in her excited (she called it "freaked out") state. Good news in my email when I got home: the motherboard for my project computer has finally had the capacitor set I ordered installed, so I'm going to put the computer back together (with help, I hope), turn it on, and see what happens. I soaked some fava beans and ripped their tough little skins off, so now I am going to cook them for the first time, to make a middle eastern dish. dh is at work, practicing "my 25 words of" Korean on some new observers. Deborah