Thursday Homeschool Recess 2/28

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Thursday Homeschool Recess 2/28
Thu, 02-28-2013 - 7:54am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

Yay, last day shift.  I can do this Wink  I wish I had a quiet weekend coming up, but there are just enough "things to do" (not fun things like music) that I'm already not feeling relaxed about the weekend.  I wish they were things I could get out of, but at least one thing is something I have to attend whether I want to or not.  So...................sigh.

Today is my dad's birthday, so ds is baking a cake for him with grandma this morning.  They're using my kitchen so as to not raise poppa's suspicions. Knowing him, he'll come barging in and figure it out anyway, LOL.

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