Thursday Homeschool Recess 5/23

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Thursday Homeschool Recess 5/23
Thu, 05-23-2013 - 1:37am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play. It's recess time!

Another rainy day on the playground, so get your puddle boots and let's go wading.'s high temp is supposed to be 56 degrees.  Bit chilly for wading.  Oh well, maybe next time it rains it'll be warmer.

Today is a fairly light day.  The kiddos have counseling (which isn't really light...not for dd anyway) and then she's going to get her new iPhone.  She's paying half so I don't feel bad letting her upgrade, especially since she immediately volunteered to give her iPod to ds and now he'll be able to play his Lego game any time he wants to instead of begging to use her iPod in order to play.  With her driving by herself in two months, I want her to be equipped with a good phone and a way to find herself if she gets lost, LOL.

Yesterday's career assessment yielded a rather interesting result.  Among dd's choices was...mortician and also crematorium manager.  Whaaaaat????  She was amused by that, LOL.  I suppose the suggestion was based on people skills and empathy, which she does have a lot of, but she most certainly has no desire to be working with dead bodies, at least on a routine basis!  Her "better" choices were things like social worker, art therapist, music therapist, teacher, law enforcement, etc.  The guidance counselor liked her tentative plan, which is a psychology major with music and business minors, because she'd like to open a residential treatment center that has a sliding fee scale so that anyone can attend regardless of their ability to pay.  

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Thu, 05-23-2013 - 8:35am

Hmm, mortician?  Glad there were some other options that appealed her  more.  Whatever  course she pursues, she'll make an impact on this world..

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Thu, 05-23-2013 - 8:49am

DS and I had a talk yesterday about school.  Summer is shaping up to be just like the school year but warmer out.   We've never had a summer with this much school work.   He and I have played and taken a lot of time off, so this is how it goes OR he has to give up an elective or two for next year.   He wants to give nothing up, so be it.  Looks like we'll have math, art history, world history, and grammar throughout and we'll wrap up the Middle Ages and vocbaulary sometime in June. He stil has some CIvil War books to get through , but he made a pile of 10 books from the our shelves  that he wants to read for fun.  We can alernate or maybe do a history book in the morning and he can free read at night.   

Today he has his first tutor session for art.  He's excited since he likes ( and looks up to) this brother of his friend. Afterwards DS and I are running to the mall to try and find shorts for him.  Our trip is next week and he need warm weather clothes. 

Ths iafternoon is math, history x2, vocab and then it is off to parent child bowling.  I'm going to work on laundry and ironing while they are out.


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Thu, 05-23-2013 - 1:40pm

Personally, I like dead people, they are quiet and rarely complain! It is the living ones that cause all the problems even at a funeral! There is good pay in it, and you never run out of customers. I could totally do that sort of work. I don't like seeing people suffer, but after there dead, well if I did not know them it is not a big deal. The worst part would be that you have to work weekends, and holidays, people die any day they want. You would have fresh flowers around all the time, with all the flower deliveries to funerals! 

I am in forced recess, because I worked to much and now my body and brain complain. I need sleep not coffee, but sleep is so boring and especially when phones ring, text buzz, kids need education, dogs want out, all that. We did what we had to in school work, now she is playing online Math games. I watched her dance again, she has the whole song done now, just practicing her moves, looks good. I gotta do carpooly stuff and they might want to go to tennis this afternoon, where I will try and not fall asleep, or maybe I should pack a pillow and plan a nap. No way, I will cook anything tonight....take out dinner.