Tuesday Homeschool Recess

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Tuesday Homeschool Recess
Tue, 04-30-2013 - 11:00am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

Bit of a schedule switch-up for the mom.  My dinglefritz work partner decided he doesn't want to work on Mondays, so he called in for his shift last night and tonight.  Whatever.  That will get old soon and he'll find himself wishing he hadn't done that.  Anyway, I switched into tonight's shift and another co-worker was then able to work my day shift today, so we got the shifts covered and I have a day off with my kids (except it's raining, grrrr!) and switch to nights a shift early.  I enjoyed not having to get up early after orchestra rehearsal last night...I could spend quality time with my kids (dd needed some mom time) and I got to make them pancakes this morning, too.

We're doing a bit of school now.  DS is going to help dh with furniture assembly this afternoon, and dd has driver's ed.  (MI has two phases to driver's ed, both of which must be taken before she can get her license when she turns 16...this one is just 3 2-hour classes, no driving time, so easy peasy.)  The kiddos are going to hang out with me at work tonight for a while, too.  My perfect kind of day Laughing

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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 2:25pm

I am still trying to find that normal day again. Now that I am moving without pain for a routine day without exercise time, I am trying to get back into the swing of life. Yet, we are very unorganized and messy from my recovery time. So nothing can be normal yet, we have to make stuff work as we go. We had practice recital at Fiddle class, and I failed at doing practice....cause I was not ready and we have so been out of routine. Especially me who has had my middle schooler help out a lot with fiddle practices with her sister. So I am out of practice, and listening included. So we decided after Math to make lemon bars for todays snack. I bake homemade and use better ingredients and less sugar so I do make more treats than if I bought them out. We listened to our Suzuki as we baked, the lemon bars. Then they have to cool over an hour before anyone can have one. If it turns out nice maybe I will make some to share because it was super easy to do. Then I have to take dogs to the groomer, pick up one kid, and do more homework with all kids. Then Piano lesson tonight, with one kid. I have red beans in the crock pot and plan to make red beans and rice for dinner. So thats my day. Just glad I can do the whole day without needing a nap to make it thru standing up! We hope to try the pool tomorrow where I hope to actully get to swim....kick that leg that is better a little bit!

Well gotta go something is beeping in the kitchen and more work to assign!



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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 5:55pm

This morning was a disaster.  We all overslept.  We had a play to attend and needed to leave early.  One of us decided not to cooperate and have major attitude.   I wasn't going to hurry and deal with traffic and the stress of parking.  We skipped it.  We're both disappointed since we were looking forward to it.  If he hadn't had attitude and been working with me, we would have went. 

 This afternoon we had a field day.  If I hadn't been the driving force behind it, I would have skipped it.  The kids had a great time.  I enjoyed catching up with friends and Frodo liked being at the park=-lots of smells.   He met so many toddlers and babies and constantly had someone petting him.     Zeph's attitude inproved immensely.  We had 15 boys and one girl ages 10-14 show up for soccer, basketball,  and football.  There were several girls between the ages of 6-9 who rode scooters and played at the playground and a handful of toddlers running about.  The weather was upper 70s, sunny and a gentle breeze.   Afte the pick up games the boys had an ebb and flow about them  as some fished, some hiked, and some just hung out and chatted.  It was the perfect homeschool afternoon.  The three hours flew by!

We're going to do some schoolwork now. 

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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 6:51pm

Because I caught a cold (mild, I guess, but I'm a whiner) from kinfolks, I'm all fortified on aspirin and coffee today.  (I don't usually drink coffee, so it works REAL GOOD, as people in these parts say...)  So, I was able to successfully: a) drive to town b) participate in a rehearsal for tonight's concert and c) feel like I'll be able to get through tonight's concert.  Five songs only, fifteen minutes max.  I hope.  I even agreed to show up on Friday to repeat the concert at the college president's house.  Apparently the food is always good, although as a gluten intolerant meat optional person who tries to limit corn and the nightshade veggies as well...and who goes "on" and "off" milk products, I don't always go away well fed.  Thank goodness for the emergency chocolate in my backpack!   dd15 is in Art Club now and I'm just outside the door with my short lawn chair/laptop setup.  I dropped dd15 off at her friend's house...the friend was on the couch with a cold compress pressed to the left side of her face, only slightly swollen today.  I was shown where the pickup came to a stop eight or so feet inside her bedroom. (see photo from yesterday's post, which shows a temporary wall starting to take shape)..it took an hour to cut the wall free from her leg and she's bruised pretty thoroughly on the left side of her body, so the family dropped plans to go to tonight's concert.  And has moved up plans to install a stone wall at the front margin of the property...apparently the driver panicked when she went over the curb and applied the accelerator rather than the brake...one reason my youthful drivers get a LOT of additional time with me in the car beside them before they get to solo in MY car. 


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Wed, 05-01-2013 - 9:03am
I think I will still be doing drivers ed. in college with my first born! She is finally past beginner skills but she is incredible nervous and so not ready for advanced skills. She knows it too, so that is good in some ways, she is not in a big hurry to drive without a co-pilot. I hope to get her drivers license ready before college, yet she may not be driving much away at college but with us at holidays! Time will tell.
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Wed, 05-01-2013 - 9:07am
Yea, my highly sensitive first born is also in a reactional phase to Spring changes, and she has been very cranky and tired to deal with here. I think it is part of that diagnosis stuff our kids got, it makes weather changes more difficult to cope with so my kid was home yesterday to rest. She is feeling blah this morning but made it to classes. Not easy stuff is it? I feel stressy from her stress...ugh. H.