Tuesday Homeschool Recess 4/23

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Tuesday Homeschool Recess 4/23
Tue, 04-23-2013 - 8:12am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

Well, I guess we've seen the last of the sun for a few days.  More rain...and snow gack...for a few days.  This has been such a cold and wet April!  I suppose May will dawn with summer and we'll all roast because we haven't had that nice gradual warm-up that we're used to.  Sigh.

DD gimped her ankle/foot yesterday.  She was out for a walk and thinks she may have blacked out.  She doesn't know what happened...just that she was walking, and next thing she knew, a biker was shaking her asking her if she was ok. Her foot is all swollen and painful so her doctor's appointment became injury evaluation instead of mental health follow-up.  We'll hear this morning what the x-rays show.  Meanwhile, I got her crutches she she can at least get around.  Not the first time she's ever needed those so at least she knows how to navigate, LOL.  

The kids have counseling this morning, and we have to run to the mall because the chain of dd's diamond cross necklace snapped yesterday.  It's guaranteed, at least.  Tonight is dd's final choir concert, so we're all going to that, plus ds has youth group at church.  Never a dull moment.  I'm trying to get supper going before we leave, so I should exit the computer.  Very soon.

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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 10:00am

Good morning.  DH is still asleep.  DS just woke up.  After yesterday's activites, he fell into bed tired.  Tennis class happened  and he really enjoyed it.  DH drove and observed saying that the instructors kept the kids engaged and moving.  DS enjoyed the drills and the explanation of the court and rules. Now we just need some dry days/nights to keep the courts open!

I booked our room for the History Bee in Atlanta and I sent in the registration.  Now to figure out our sight seeing details...  Unless the money fairy visits us, I think we'll be camping on the way down. 

After DS finishes his chores ( inside garbages/recycling to outside, clean litter, feed cat, make bed) we have math, history lap book, history text book discussion,  history read aloud,  and a a literature lesson.   DS would like me to find a how-to video on the comptuer for one of the dance steps from break dance class. He had it in class, but is mixed up now.  Hoping DH will run out and buy gold spray paint so DS can finish his replica cartridge box.  The sewing is done, he just needs to add the emblem.



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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 10:37am
There was this really cute new boy at tennis last week, when we started the new session. None of my girls called him a hottie or anything like that. Yet, he was cute and pretty good at tennis. My one dd did say he seemed a bit nerdy, talking to them, but she ofcourse would not and did not say that to him. Just in observation to me...I replied nerdy boys were really cute. And that he was good at tennis! My kids have a love and hate thing for tennis...it does challenge them, it is a good thinking and strategy game along with physical, I enjoy watching it, so why not watch my favorite people doing it. In the summer I try and play with them a bit, I am not good at all but we still have fun. My kids are not expert players at all either. We have indoor court places here, they do use the outdoor courts in the summer! H.
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Tue, 04-23-2013 - 10:45am

Oh no Sue, 

That worries me that she blacked out? Did she fall down or something...I guess she does not remember. Sort of like my bike accident last year. I never remember hitting the actual pavement. That was blacked out, of memory, then the weird reboot...all fuzzy and out of focus until the time it was to get me to the ER. Then finally I had a reboot of system, I only remember a few things upon that reawakening...like wishing to see my family, before I died, in case I had forever brain damage! Black outs and stuff are so weird when you awake and try to figure out where/who/why u are! So glad I was wearing a helmet and got my memory restored pretty fast! It is a good teaching tool now to my kids....remember how mommies helmet saved her life! WEAR IT. Extra hugs for K1 and I hope she heals up quick, kids are much better at healing than us old folks! 

  I am walking around better and not waking up with pain, so my knee healing is going well. Not near fast enough for me, but no healing seems to be fast enough for anyone! Plus I lost almost a month of teaching time and had to do way less than I had planned for that month. Yet, she is still learning! The kids have so many self devised projects going in the house, that I can not keep up! They are making ice cubes from there chocolate bunny trays....the mold used now for ice shapes...they were smallish bunnies. Among other things, that keep them from doing chores, math flash cards and putting away clothes in a timely manner! Yet, atleast they were not to bored while I have needed more rest!

I have calander updates and things I must do today. I would like to get back to spelling work, we had to post pone a few weeks. This is music teacher day for our outings, and I have to nag about those math flash cards, even if they hate them (i do too, but over time they may work, so we gotta keep trying stuff).  So still living here, working as much as I am able, with health as it is for today! Glad we have computers and work on your own work around for kids to do, when I can not be at the dry erase board, but must work a half day, yet,  they still need a whole day's work!