Tuesday Homeschool Recess 6/11

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Tuesday Homeschool Recess 6/11
Tue, 06-11-2013 - 8:53am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

First day of vacation and I'm going to work.  How again is that exactly?  I have to waste an hour of my time sitting through a stupid class on how to be nicer to people.  Mandatory hogwash.  So now, when I hang up from a 911 caller, I guess I'm supposed to tell the caller to "have an excellent day" because they want excellent in every conversation.  Um, nope.  Not gonna happen.  I happen to be sensitive, not brainwashed, LOL.  But I will go sit.  I think I'll take my crochet.  That's not a crime, right?

This afternoon makes up for the morning's drivel though...it's motorhome day.  Enough said!

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