Wednesday Homeschool Recess 5/22

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Wednesday Homeschool Recess 5/22
Wed, 05-22-2013 - 8:36am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

Rainy day here, and the cat slept in dd's room and harrassed her this morning.  I SLEPT GOOD!  Too bad I had to get up at a certain time though.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I'm taking dd to a nearby college to do their career assessment test battery.  Should be fun.  It'll be interesting to see if what it selects for her is what she's talked about doing.  I still remember my top 3 choices when I did it (nurse midwife, paramedic, music therapist).  I'm hoping that while we're there, we can talk to someone in admissions about dual enrollment, perhaps for winter semester, but for her senior year specifically.  (She's going to have chemistry & algebra II at co-op this year so I don't want to push any more "high pressure" classes until she's ready.)

Aside from her music lesson this afternoon, and a trip to the grocery store for produce and a fan, we have nothing on the docket.  Sounds like a good day to watch the rain fall, eh?

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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 8:59am

Good morning. I also slept well, once I turned the air on-about midnight.  Rainy day here too. 

This morning (after working on laundry, the dishwasher and history) we are off to try out a Science Olympiad event.  The local homeschool team is having a fundraiser, where you and compete in one event to get a feel for what Science Olympiad is all about.  Then it's home for lunch and the rest of school- literature, math, vocabulary, world history,  and our read aloud.  We're listening to Red Badge of Courage.   I remember reading it and disliking it and I'm not liking it this time around either.  This time I even have teacher notes!   Hoping to pick up a copy from the library tomorrow-there is lots of poetic imagery I'd like to be able to revisit and talk about and that is a challenge on audio.   

DH is in town but at a client site today.  Hoping he makes it back to drive to bowling tonight.  I'd like to stay home and work on ironing and more laundry.   

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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 12:55pm

Finally a break in rain and my student wanted to get out for a field trip, so we went to a local field trip place. I did some Science edu with a "what your 4th grader needs to know" book. It is a lot more meaningful to do science and nature study in nature. We also read/listened to some poetry, talked a bit about history...mentioned religion, tried to cover all the bases, even a bit about mathematical concepts. Now she is listening to Star wars music and she has to do her computer math and workbooks now too.

She made me a yummy black bean burrito (her fav) for lunch and I made her a strawberry/banana/kiwi smoothie....the way she likes (not to weird like Mom sometimes likes). We discovered that our front door caterpillars are tent caterpillars, and they turn into mouths. So that will be fun to watch as it changes, and we can obsevre what they are doing and how they are growing on our apple tree. They are we probably will not be eating any apples from that tree, this year, the mouths have claimed them for our Science observation work! The other apple tree (we have the two) has no pest/insects, so there is still hope we eat a few apples. It has a ton of blooms on it.  They smell so good!

Tonight is an awards dinner for my piano girl and us family, so no cooking for me! We may make some bars for after school treats, if my student gets her paper work/math on computer work finished first, before I pick up siblings!   So I type and avoid paper stacks in my office and cuddle with my poodle. Because we hiked a bit this morning uphill and my knee says rest me or pain will come again. SO no time to file my papers I mean boo....dust is settling too. Boo again. Someone has to practice Viola and I need to copy a new sheet for that. Maybe I will get that much done...lots of maybe's in the afternoon plan.


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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 1:16pm
Went to work with dh...he has morning duty and I often tag along with him because it involves a visit to several buildings and we get to talk. We were just in time to see a newly aluminized mirror being eased into its mount...then someone shouted "Everyone who isn't working OFF the platform" (there were 20 people in all, including about ten who were actually working) so we skittered away. Yesterday I managed to do my long overdue software put the old data drive in the new works but has some busted links to fix and maybe some service packs yet to install. But looking forward to not slinking around...saw my boss "on the platform" and arranged to talk to him tomorrow, so need to get some stuff done and polish my excuses today. This afternoon we're going to leave for town a bit before three: I have two lessons, dd15 has Ultimate, there is shopping (maybe I'll actually get to the hardware store this time even) and hanging out with relatives...I'm starting to recover from the endless driving. At least if nothing else changes next fall, the dd's will be driving. Last night I let dd15 set the agenda and she did two picnic area turn outs (now we are working on handbrake when stopped on a hill technique, something I don't do but dh does (having learned it from his Irish brother in law; apparently there are a lot more cars with manual transmissions in Europe) so both of us are learning this at the same time. We haven't practiced shifting into neutral while waiting at a light or at a cross street in heavy traffic either...this is going to be a little harder because there are only five lights in town, four flashing red (four way stops) and one flashing red in one direction and yellow in another. So we'll have to practice in rush hour (such as it is) on purpose??? Wow...I went away (to find out how to put in the drive; at first it seemed impossible but then did some internet searching and it turned out to be quite easy) and now it is time for lunch. It will be simple: egg roll ups and rice and veggies...won't have to start until dh comes home because rice is (haha) leftover... Deborah
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Wed, 05-22-2013 - 10:10pm
Finally getting the fiddle practice in at 9, bedtime. They often become my lullaby songs, if we do not get it in, in the day, which I prefer, because I am a better observer and listener then! Tired long day, yet again! I want sleep but good I had caffeine...I did need a nap after school, otherwise I would not still be moving at all! H.