Wednesday Homeschool Recess 6/12

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Wednesday Homeschool Recess 6/12
Wed, 06-12-2013 - 8:56am

Hey moms and grandmas, come on out and play.  It's recess time!

Motorhome is great.  Wishing that whatever I think of putting in would just magically put itself in!  Figuring out where to stash things is a hubby said, "For 14 years you knew exactly where things were or where to pack things, and now it's all different."  Yep, that about sums it up.  It's all good though, in the end.  I'm slowly re-educating him that "if it's something that's used outdoors, it goes in outside storage".  He wants to put all sorts of crap in the motorhome and we don't have that little cupboard next to the door anymore for that stuff.  He will learn though.  (We don't need a level in the motorhome and a level outside...keep them both levels itself anyway!!!)

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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 1:39pm

Still access issues, Sue. That worries me for new people looking for resources to begin in home education. I hope the village gets that worked out, because it was so important to me to access good information when I started out and just wanted to feel some support to work thru the start of something new to us. 

Nice that your husband is still your student. When they stop taking instruction well and think they know everything, they need to graduate to something else! Or they want to try and rule your hen house, that just makes uncomfortable non-egg laying hens! We need men to maintain good citizenship in the home.

Our cooking craft and later treat is chocolate covered frozen nanas dipped in sprinkles and then refroze, to enjoy on a straw for a popsicle stick. It is fun and way less costly than Diana's bananas which is my favorite premade of this kind of treat. I have also seen it with yougert covering or rolled in pretzel pieces...but I don't have enough nanas to make a huge batch just enough for today. Seeing our nanas were getting a bit ripe and no one has wanted a plain one lately. I may cover some frozen pineapple in chocolate as well, if I have extra meted in my melting pot left....yum! The girls are all in need of chocolate treats even more these days of double digit age, girl issues! I am sort of in a kitchen creation mood and I have a day to be home and maybe if the kids allow it I can make up some yummies, to fed the family! Marinate some veggies/chicken for the grill. Chill a pasta salad or some yummy potato salad if I get in a creative flow of kitchen play mood! Plus kids who will help do dishes with no excuess of test on Friday, must study to get out of it!!!