Anyone familiar with What Is/Are ... Government books?

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Anyone familiar with What Is/Are ... Government books?
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 7:54pm

I'm going through some stuff from Scholastic.  There is a Government Pack with 5 books which look like an introduction to how our government works.  They are written by Nancy Harris.  The target grades are 1-4.  DS is fascinated by this general topic as it is election year and a huge conversational piece in our household.  I wondered if anyone is familiar with this particular set or could recommend good basic literature about government or US History.  Amazon does not have any reviews, so I am a bit nervous.

There are 5 total books.  Here are the books on Amazon for visual reference:

What Are the Amendments?

What's the U.S. Constitution?

What's a President and Vice President?

What's the Bill of Rights?

What Are Elections?