Creative Writing Curricula???

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Creative Writing Curricula???
Tue, 11-27-2012 - 3:12pm

DS (who turned 6 last week) has learned from school he HATES for his day to be dictated by an outside entity.  (We do a hybrid this year - full homeschool next year!)  He's figured out that Dad's work dictates Dad's schedule as well.  So he's put his little mind to work on this problem and has decided he is going to be an author while he is young and not have to work while he is older.  While I find this amusing, he's VERY serious about this.  He's written a few little short stories (think Eric Carle style) over the past month and is developing the storyline for 2 more to write over the holidays.  He's taken the ones he's written to school to read to the other kids.  Surprisingly, the children were very supportive!  (So much so, the teacher gave them extra behavior rewards).  Some can even retell one of the books.  So clearly, he needs to pursue this more intently as it is an area of interest - at least for the time being.

The problem is that I have zero ability in this type of area.  Seriously, my worst subject.  A science lab report - no problem, this kind of thing, YIKES!  Any material (books, DVDs, etc) out there which can support a budding short-story or poem writer?  Something which talks about different writing styles, poem styles, etc?  I'm clueless.


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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 11:49pm

Yay for him!  I honestly wouldn't do any writing curriculum with him at this point.  The last thing you want to do is kill his creative desire.  I would encourage him to continue writing, and provide support with mechanics such as spelling, creative word choices, etc.  I think you'll do best by gently guiding his creative process at this point.  That's just so awesome that he's doing that well with his writing already.  (You can also ask his teacher's input, if there are things she feels he could use guidance on, etc.)

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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 10:33am
Go to the library. Ask for award winning books and read them to him. Read fairy tales, tall tales, fables and every type of story book that you can. Ask the librarian for great stories from other countries. Ask about poetry to read to him as well. The goal is to expose him to many varieties, not to have him write in a certain style. Don't even tell him that you are doing this to help him find and explore different styles, just discuss the stories as you normally would by asking him about key points, things he liked or didn't like about the stories. Mostly, have fun!
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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 1:49pm

Thanks for the ideas Ladies.  I wasn't sure if just reading out loud was enough.  But reading different things is definitely something I can do.  And here I was gearing myself up for this big ado.  What a relief!