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So our last day of a B&M school was yesterday.  We've been afterschooling this year and it's worked out great with the exception of severly overscheduled.  So starting today, we homeschool.  Ok - starting on Monday!

I recognize that it IS summer.  We are just so excited to jump right in.  Grin.  Can you tell we couldn't get out of that school fast enough?  We've been planning this for a long time.  But you know, everytime I think I have it figured out, that self doubt creeps in. 

This summer, the plan is to take a reading/literature class and a writing class.  DS loves to write, so I hope it will help develop his skills there a bit.  I signed up for 3 months and it's a work at your own pace kind of deal with a target of 90 mins/week.  We'll see.  We'll dabble with a math workbook I have as well just because DS loves math so much.  This one won't increase his grade level, but should give him some good word problems to chew on for a spell.

I'm teaching an art class once a week with a few of his school friends.  It's a great way to get them over on a regular basis to do an activity and then just hang afterward.

The other classes I have planned for our school include a few sports.  He had to pick 2 sports to play this summer, one of which had to be a team sport (for the first time).   I feel good about his choices there. One is once a week.  The other is twice a week.

I'm counting therapy sessions as classwork too.  Without that, there is no future, so it's part of the deal.

The last item on our "class" schedule is social time.  This includes park dates, play dates, birthday parties, etc.  Ironically, this "last" class is our highest priority.

I feel that it's a good curriculum for someone who just finished Kindy.  I also feel it is a good fit as he picked out all the classes except the therapies.

We decided to jump into homeschool for a few reasons: 1) this is how our summer was going to look regardless, and 2) we have a lot of travel in the fall planned so we expect to take about 6 weeks off then.

So here I am feeling good about our plan going forward.  Then tonight I "research" my way to a homeschool blog that talks about curriculum evaluations, how many hours are spent planning, organizational tips, etc. and I think, hmmmm.  I sure hope those things are for older kids.  Grin.

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Yay, I am excited for you!  I think your summer sounds full of fun with some learning thrown in on top of the fun. Don't pay any attention to those blogs that aren't doing things way you'd do them.  That works for other people.  You do what works for you, which will be perfect for your son because you know him best!  

I hope you'll come to recess every day, too.

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Sounds like a great plan!   I love that we can school when we need to, and take time off when we need to.   I REALLY hate crowds of stupid people at the National Parks, (you know, the ones who despite the signs saying to stay on the trail for your own safety at Yellowstone, decide that walking off the boardwalk where they can fall into boiling water is fine for my kids to see.)   We love to go places when the crowds are thinner.    Right now, where we live gets really hot in the end of July and beginning of August,  so doing school work then, taking off more time when the weather is nice in September, really makes sense. 

Enjoy your time homeschooling, and I will second what was said above, homeschooling is all about doing it YOUR way.    Feel free to change things around if needed.   My son did 3 different math programs last year - the third was the one that met his needs. 

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Thanks Ladies.

I've been looking at this for several years - plugged into some social lists, play here, interview other families, attend seminars, etc.  We did an experiment last summer in which we used the summer as our homeschool experience.  We were way too aggressive in our expectations.  The big formal plans and notebooks of stuff we'd put together was put to the wayside by the end of the first week.  So this year, I decided to not do that for a while!

Also, we did not afterschool last year.  We did school and therapy, then manage the anxiety associated with both activities.  It took him 6 weeks to unschool.  Then we found a really good rythm that worked for us until school started. 

Apparently, I did a good job "homeschooling" during the preschool years.  We just played and I followed his interests as they came up.  That's the plan going forward as well.  At least for a little while.

This year, we did a hybrid.  He went to school for the social aspects and then we afterschooled the academics.  I combined homeschool goals with school assignments (ex: read 15 mins everyday.  OK, today we'll read about George Washington and learn about early American History.)  This worked out SOOOO much better.  It became pretty apparent though that school wasn't going to meet his academic needs and afterschooling was just too much of an overscheduling issue.  Kids need serious downtime to allow their creative juices to flow (or mine does, at least).

We did finally find a math program that does a really good job.  It's acutally a combination of 2 programs.  One is good enough to be the skeleton framework then I beef it up with word problems that make him think for a while. We'll pick math back up when we start our Fall season around October, unless he asks for it this summer.  He'll be pretty busy this summer though, so I doubt we'll pick it up until some others things move off our plate.

We have some schools here which do year round programs.  I like the way they split their time up with a few weeks here and there for vacation instead of that big chunk in the summer.  So we'll follow that guideline too.  DS is the kind of kid who needs to learn on a regular basis. 

Anyhow, we're excited.