DD has a new BF

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DD has a new BF
Thu, 07-18-2013 - 1:40pm

I finally saw DD last Sat.--only for a few hours--she hadn't been home since March.  Well since then she met this new boy--from on line of all things.  Well she works as a nurse so not much opportunity for meeting men there--and nurses really do not want to date doctors.  The attendings are probably too old and the residents don't have any free time anyway.  So what's funny is that DD lives in Baltimore and the boy lives in DC but they are both from MA.  I know here dad & I are both thinking great, maybe they can both move back to MA some day.  He had already bought tickets to go to a concert in Boston so they drove back together, went to the concerts and visited both families.  The poor guy had to meet mom, dad (divorced, so that was 2 occasions), brother, and since she hadn't been home in so long, we went out to lunch w/ my mom & her sister who lives with her.  Of course they have only dated a short time so I am not assuming they are going to get married or anything, but I know she really really likes him.  He's cute and very nice.  Her last BF from college, who she was with for more than a year, was a nice guy too, but quieter.  Plus he was a hard worker but I don't really know if he had a career plan.  He ended up getting laid off from his job and had to move back home with his parents and the whole long distance thing just didn't work out.  She did see him in March but they had agreed a while ago that they could see other people cause it was just too hard to keep the relationship going as a couple and never seeing each other.  But now I am thinking that I just didn't get to see her for long enough.  She did say she might be home again in Aug--I hope so.

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Thu, 07-18-2013 - 3:56pm

Sounds good, glad you were able to meet him and see her!

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Fri, 07-19-2013 - 1:04pm

How exciting!

I have only ever met one of my kids' SOs - because so far there has only been one.  That was three years ago.  Fingers crossed for DD that she meets someone she likes at college. . . she would really like a relationship.

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Fri, 07-19-2013 - 2:55pm
Well, good for her! That's still about an hour apart, isn't it? But MUCH closer than the other one. And a LOT of the kids seem to be meeting SOs on line these days. Rae met her bf online, and so did several of her gfs. Some of Lolo's gfs have, too. They kiss a lotta frogs before one turns into a prince, but once that happens, they usually stick. Rae & Ant have been together 3 years now, & a couple of the others have gotten married.
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Sat, 07-20-2013 - 10:14am

Good for her. I hope it works out.

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Sat, 07-20-2013 - 6:10pm

He doesn't have a car so he said it's 40 mins. for him by train--I think less for her if she drives.  

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Sun, 07-21-2013 - 2:10am

Sounds good - hope it works out!  Like others said, I think meeting people online has become very mainstream now and I know many people who met their spouses that way.  It makes sense; if the profiles are honest, it brings people together that are compatible and have similar interests and lifestyles.

My dd and her bf reconnected on facebook - knew each other since elementary school.  They have been together over a year and a half now and are still going strong.  Back in the day before all this computer stuff, people went to bars to meet - I think this is a lot better!

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