POWER IS BACK!!!! My life is hopefully back to normal.

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POWER IS BACK!!!! My life is hopefully back to normal.
Sat, 11-03-2012 - 1:59am

What a h**l of a week it's been!  No power, no heat, no hot water.  Please ignore my previous post above.  I was at my FIL's apartment to take a shower & wash my hair since he had hot water & heat all week.  So my husband was rushing me to take my shower instead of posting online, so we could eat out for dinner.  Anyway, just so so happy to have electricity, heat & hot water.  The things you take for granted - you miss so much when it's gone.  All the young people were so lost without internet service 24/7.  At least I knew what life was like BEFORE the interenet.  We survived & had fun.  Anyway, I threw out all the refrigerated food & cleaned out the refrigerator.  My husband is retirning to work Mon.  Biggest issue is how will New York State adjust the school calendar to make up for the lost days due to Sandy.  My 24 yr. old son who lives in Boston lost power for 1 day.  And my 28 yr. old daughter got her power back Thur.  The biggest issue is all the utility trucks were in lower Manhattan since they have higher priority than the suburbs where we live.  It makes sense until you're on day 3 without power.  Then it gets annoying.

So hopefully my life can return to normal.  And now I hear there's another storm on the way.  Please, please, please keep my utilities on.  I'm also worried how long it will be before the utility companies & the transportation system will raise their rates to make up for the losses.  Esp. when I hear the politicians say they want the work done ASAP & no red tape.  So who is going to pay for all this overtime & extra manpower.


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Anyone else get the "you are not allowed to post comments" message after hitting reply and signing in?  I always have to sign in 2-3X before I can comment......weird.

Kathy, glad to hear you got your power back on Saturday.  I can believe it was bad, especially with the cold weather that set in last week.  Our nephews in Jersey City finally had their power restored on 11/5. 

When the derecho came throught the DC area on June 30th, we lost power for 29 hrs, and I thought THAT was bad; it was nothing compared to the way you got hammered by Sandy.  This time we were spared, thank God.

Hope we have another mild winter like last year!  We've had more than enough natural disaster the past few years.