Another random question....

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Another random question....
Fri, 11-01-2013 - 10:17pm

In answering Pam's question about meeting IV ppl in real life, I mentioned how my iVillage friends helped support me through parenthood.  And that made me think about the show on TV called Parenthood.  Do any of you watch it?  I discovered the show last year and it is frighteningly realistic!  I can relate to the parents at just about every age of childrearing, and they cover everything from infancy to adolescence and young adulthood.  My dd watched it last year and felt the same way, relating to the character who was close to her age. The issues they deal with are spot on.  Right now one of the embedded stories is about one of the young adult daughters being engaged to a young man with a troubled past, fresh out of the military.  Her mother thinks he's not the right guy for her, and that she's too young.  Oh boy, have I been there!

Who watches this show, and what do you think?

                        Calmama54, from the beautiful

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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 12:23pm

I was watching that show w/ my son for a few years and then somehow ijn the past 2 yrs we stopped watching it.  I guess he has too much homework so has to ration he TV watching and I hardly watch anything.  I did enjoy the show and I thought the acting was good--a lot of different family relationship issues.

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Sat, 11-02-2013 - 3:53pm

I LOVE Parenthood. I just discovered it within the last year so I watched the back episodes on Netflix and now I'm 'live'. DH watched the first episode with me but it wasn't his thing so I watch it alone.