Are any of your CS's home for the holidays yet?

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Are any of your CS's home for the holidays yet?
Wed, 12-18-2013 - 12:11am

If so, how's the visit going?  I know I always eagerly awaited the arrival of my girls for break, but it didn't always go as smoothly as it did in my dreams!  They keep different schedules, maybe don't hang with the family as much as you'd like.  If your CS is home, are you getting to spend some quality time together?

I'm long past being a POCS, but my adult daughter and her husband are coming down from Portland for Christmas and I can't wait to see them.  They will be here for a week and will have their energetic 1 year old lab/pit mix with them.  She will be mingling with our 2 rescue dogs and her "cousin", an 8-lb. Pomeranian-Chihuaha mix, when my other dd comes for Christmas.  Should be fun times!

I got an interesting text from my dd in Portland earlier today - "I want my mommy!".....and "Being an adult sucks!".  LOL - yup, I can relate!  I think she is ready for a break!

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Not yet, and as the condo he stays in during the school year is only 2 miles away (which does not mean we see him much), I'm betting he'll want to stay there more often than not. I'd just as soon he stay home (he did last year) over break (only 3 weeks) so we don't have to pay utilities or food for the condo til he goes back...he knows I don't want to but I know he'll try to stay there... (Finals go through Friday although I think he's had 2 and has 1 today and 2 tomorrow so he'll be done after tomorrow - right now he's very swamped prepping and isn't talking yet)


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Freshman DD comes home today and senior DS comes home Friday.  I'm pretty sure it will go as expected, but I did give them a list of dates to not make any plans because either we're doing something as a family or we need at least one of them to stay home with 13yo DS, who really doesn't like being left home alone.

DD will be going to Paris for a week in January as the finale to her honors class in jazz - what fun!

DS will be talking with me about graduate programs, his upcoming summer trip to Peru, and what he is going to do after that - whether straight on to grad school or wait a year.  I am in favor of the latter but we'll see.

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Jordyn arrives in Michigan Sunday morning and we arrive sunday afternoon. I will get a day or two on the back end of the visit before we leave for her and I to spend time shopping and baking and stuff together. She's been in a hotel since Friday evening with the team, and I am a bit surprised that the coaches didn't schedule more stuff for them than just lunches, dinners, and regular practices, the girls are all bored out of their minds or shopping most of the time. She did say she has gotten a good amount of pleasure reading done, and she texted me a screenshot of her grades today! Very proud of her!
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Dd, a sophomore, is coming home the 20th. They are on trimesters, so it is the middle of the winter term.

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DD arrived home Saturday evening. She was done around the 9th, but had to stay and work. it's been nice having her home, and will be especially so when the 10, 11 and 12 y.o. nieces and nephews arrive, starting tomorrow. We haven't had clashes over curfew or anything related so far. There's not really much nightlife here anyway. I think she's glad to be home and away from school and the boyfriend that she just broke up with. I'm glad too.