Are you seeing financial aid changes?

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Are you seeing financial aid changes?
Thu, 02-09-2012 - 2:33pm

I was tooling around the internet and saw this article about the changes to financial aid. I have to say, I'm almost glad at this point that DSD chose beauty school. All this financial aid stuff scares the heck out of me! Are you all seeing the changes?

For College Bound, A Look at Financial Aid Changes


"The problem is that navigating the universe of financial aid can be confusing. That’s because there’s a vast patchwork of grants, scholarships and loans available. But a failure to properly compare the options and explore the alternatives could mean the difference in thousands of dollars in debt upon graduation.

Adding to that confusion is a spate of headlines in recent weeks regarding changes in financial aid. To help navigate this process, here’s a look at what’s behind the recent changes"