Are you seeing your CS this month?

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Are you seeing your CS this month?
Fri, 10-11-2013 - 9:36am

Are you going to Parents' Weekend or do your students have a mid-term break this month?

Freshman DD has a 4-day weekend, so she will be coming home.  As she hasn't yet learned how to get her cello onto the subway to get to the train station, we will be picking her up tonight.  I told her she needs to figure out how to get to the train station on her own for Thanksgiving because there's no way I'm driving into and out of NYC the day before Thanksgiving (NIGHTMARE traffic).  Parents' Day is next weekend but we're not going. 

Senior DS doesn't have Columbus Day off, so no long weekend for him.  He does have another long weekend next weekend, which is also Parent's Weekend.  We ran out of things to do on Parents' Weekend two years ago; last year he came down to see us instead, but this year he is going to Boston to visit friends, so we won't see him until Thanksgiving.

How about you all?

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Fri, 10-25-2013 - 9:33pm

Dh went to parents weekend early this month.   They are trimesters, so she will be home for a two week break in November.  I stayed with ds, he is in hs, so I couldn't go to the parent's weekend.

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Wed, 10-16-2013 - 10:49am

My girls went/go to school close enough to home that we never felt the need to attend a designated parents' weekend.  I'm not even sure when it is.  I will be seeing DD21 next weekend.  She made the decision to resign her RA position, so I will be going up to get a load of her stuff.  After looking for an apartment/roommate and not having much luck, she decided the best choice is to move home for the rest of the semester.  Hopefully it will be easier to find a place in Dec. or Jan.  We are about an hour from campus and she only has class 3 days a week (and a sorority meeting on Sunday) It will be doable. She is #5 on the housing wait list for a single room, so that is a possibility.  She also has a coworker from home that is transferring to her school and they've talked about getting an apartment together. We'll see what the future holds.

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 4:08pm

ODD's family weekend is next weekend, we already have a beach trip with with DH's company scheduled but we had not planned on going up as it was.  I don't know if they have school on Monday or not, I texted her as she sprained her ankle in practice on Tuesday and is on non-impact practices until next week.  We won't see her til christmas, they don't have the entire Thanksgiving weekend off of practice, normally just Thursday and Friday.  She said one girl lives near the Oregon/Washington border and has told the team that anyone who's not leaving campus and wants to come have thanksgiving with her family is more than welcome and a few of the other girls that have apartments are also planning on big group or team dinners for anyone not leaving.

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 2:26pm

Parents' Weekend was 2 weeks ago, and we did go down for a few things, an art reception (cool exhibits and free wine!), a math lecture (not boring at all, as I had feared), and a concert (D was singing). We also partook of the free lunch prior to the concert. D says the food is good only when the parents are there. DH and I say that none of this was technically free, since we are paying $$$$$ to send her there.

Today is the first day of fall break, so I will drive down this afternoon (hoping to avoid Fri rush hour traffic--nothing like NYC, but still not pretty) and pick her up. Even though she is not bringing anyone home with her, some of her HS friends have their fall breaks this weekend as well, so I don't think she will be around as much as I'd like. Still, it's nice to know she'll be in her own room for 4 nights.

My son used to complain that he was the ONLY kid in school who had to take his trombone on the SCHOOL BUS, MOM, when ALL the other kids get driven by their parents! Can't imagine what he'd have said if he'd played a cello! But I do see Berklee College of Music kids riding the commuter rail with their instruments all the time, so tell your D it's doable.

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 12:01pm

I think parents' weekend was 2 weekends ago; I'd told the guy who works with the parent volunteer group I'd be happy to help but never got a call.  This school has probably 90% of the students living locally (it does have international campuses tho) and as ds isn't into any kind of hooplah, I'm sure he didn't partake either.  He gets off the whole of the week of the 21st (we never had fall break at either of the Us I attended) but I doubt we'll see him - we rarely do as it is - maybe an hour/week if we're real lucky.


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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 11:49am

As a matter of fact, we are heading down to DS in about two hours.  DH is actually going this time, although somewhat reluctantly.  Maybe he's having flashbacks on his bad behavior last year, LOL!  We're also taking our 10 y.o. granddaughter.  She thought she might not be able to go this morning because she had gone to the ER last night.  Thankfully it was nothing serious but her mom had wanted to keep an eye on her.  She cried and cried so her mom is letting her go.  So now she'll have granddad, grandma and auntie to keep an eye on her.

Anyway, it is Parents and Family Weekend there, but we're not formally participating.  We did last year, it was nice and DD and I enjoyed the game.  But IMO, they charge too much for what is offered, and too much waiting around for the next event.  Plus our gas and hotel costs.  Thankfully the winter rates haven't taken effect yet!  So we'll just see DD and hang out.  It's always fun for me when I go there.  I'll also get to see her new room and roommates and of course buy groceries, spend unnecessary money, blah, blah.  DH will get a chance to shoot daggers at the BF.

Now can we all just get along?  On second thought I should have just gone by myself like always.  Breeeathe...