Are your CS cognizant of their online reputations?

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Are your CS cognizant of their online reputations?
Wed, 04-11-2012 - 12:30pm

I think we all know by now that so much of what we do an say online can be found by schools and potential employers who want to check us out. Apparantly there are now even online reputation management companies!

“Because current college graduates will most likely be changing jobs a number of times over the next 20 years, the reputation they build at a single company won’t be worth much as they look for other opportunities-or if other opportunities come looking for them,” said Sorensen. “That’s why it’s important to start cultivating a great online reputation now, so these graduates can be ready for the future.”

Have any of your students used companies like this to manage - or at least investigate - their online images? Do they do searches like this on there own to see what's out there on them?