Bravo to Theresa's DD!

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Bravo to Theresa's DD!
Tue, 11-06-2012 - 9:31am
Hi Theresa, Congratulations to your DD! You have to be bursting with pride on her and her sister's accomplishments. We so need smart women in our workplaces! How exciting to now know her future plans are in hand! A summer training in Phoenix will be a great educational experience! After visiting Scotsdale with my youngest boy's bowl game, I have always wanted to return for a longer visit to the desert foothills. I thought you had written she was interested in law school, maybe I have this mixed up? Ps sorry to not use your thread, I had to start this thread because I am a mobile user and ivillage still gives me an error when I try to reply to your thread.
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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 12:29pm

elle-fl wrote:
I thought you had written she was interested in law school, maybe I have this mixed up? .

Yes, dd is considering law school, although I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she stays in education. She was not interested in immediately going to law or grad school and always hoped to work a few years (which most law schools now prefer). TFA takes top students in all disciplines, many of whom don't (at least initially) plan to stay in teaching and puts them in under-served areas. There is some controversy that it is just a resume booster for privileged yuppies, but honestly, the young men and women who I know who have served in it are not like that. Education Week did a study last year and found that about 2/3 of the TFA corps stay in teaching, and I think another 20% or so stay in education (this is from memory, so I don't remember exacts). Obviously, some of the young teachers are not prepared to go into these schools, but I think that new teachers all over struggle, and frankly, the retention rate for new teachers all over isn't that much better. There is also criticism that some of these teachers displace more expensive veteran teachers, but I don't think that is very fair. Any business can do that, but I think most principals value experienced, good teachers, especially with the emphasis on test scores. I know that there are mixed feelings about TFA, which is why debated even posting the news, but she and we are both very happy. Personally, I can't speak for every corps member, but I look at my dd and think that I'd rather have a really smart, innovative, organized, dedicated teacher who is inexperienced,  than some of the teachers we've had even in our affluent, successful school district. I'm frustrated by teachers who (they will be the first to say) don't work nights and weekends, those who can't do 4th or 5th grade math, and those who came through a middling school with pretty middling grades. I've also had some great experiences in the last few years with very young teachers - some of whom went to school with my older dd. Their energry, flexibility, openness....  it makes up for a lot.

So far, TFA has been incredibly welcoming. There was a dinner Tuesday night, multiple phone calls and emails, tons of information about her placement area, etc....  I know it will be hard, but I think she can succeed.