Commentary on last Friday's events

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Commentary on last Friday's events
Mon, 12-17-2012 - 11:57am

My heart and prayers go out to the parents who lost very small children that day.  And the teachers and staff that died as well. 

But my main post is about the young man who did the shooting.  Since most of the people on this board  have  adult children  in this age group (I heard one report he was 24, now they're saying he was 20- 1 year older than dd). 

I was reading a news story in USA today (and if I have time I'll see if I can find the article).  They were reporting how many of the shootings that have happened over the years have been 20 something males.  And how the ages of 18-25 can be VERY challenging.  They're just out of high school, trying to find their own way- and sometimes things happen (like the post above about how some kids drop out of school after a semester or two).  And if the adult has problems to begin with- feeling like they've "let down their parents" can make them snap. 

And the fact that today's economy is challenging.  Jobs that high schoolers/ kids in college could once get with no problem- they're now competing with adults who have been out of work for a while and need ANYTHING to help support their income/ retirees who need something to do/ need a little extra bit of money.  They have to live at home with their parents, and that's a challenge in itself (man these last 2 visits home from dd while fun- have had some challenges).

What do you do?  Both of my kids at one time or another (both the product of the public schools) have brought home friends that I haven't liked, friends that my kids have been the better influence of etc.  You can't turn these kids away- who knows if the kid you take under your wing could have been the next person to shoot up a school/ mall/ etc.


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Thu, 12-20-2012 - 1:21am

I  thinkk we as a society need to take this whole bullying issue much more seriously. Every single school shooter that I can think of was the  victim of school bullying. Focusing on gun control and better access to mental health care only serves to put a bandaide on the wound after the bullies have done their damage. Schools need to stop turning a blind eye to the way some students torture their peers and step in and say its enough. we have a horrible bullying problem in our elementary school - unless you ask the teachers. They maintain that there isnt a problem... but how would they see whats happening on the playground when they "supervise" the playground from a corner where they stand in a circle socializing. Until were ready to take a stand on bullying we will never fix this problem.