dream dorm room

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dream dorm room
Thu, 06-23-2011 - 8:56am

Just got an email for your dream form room via IKEA.
What makes a dorm a dream for you?

What color do you think helps students to read/study?

What color is your college student's room?

What about your own?

Have you seen the XL sheet sets in stores?
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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 3:52pm
DS18 didn't have a color preference - he could care less - his dorm was where to crash; the library was where to read and study. In his case being by his gf in the library was the best medicine for studying! But his set was in the blues; sky through royal. I find blue peaceful so hopefuly it helped him unwind! (but he is color blind! good thing for an art major, huh!?)

Our room at home (I never lived in a dorm) is in the creams/beiges and maroons/rusts mostly because we got an Oriental rug from an estate sale in those hues. Before that it was more in the blues (my favorite color).

I haven't looked at XL twin sets this year; he's good with the 2 from last year for his on-campus apartment this coming (soph) year. I did go looking for an XL twin mattress pad at Target but they don't have the college stuff in yet - he threw away the one from last year because he thought it went with the room! Good thing it was inexpensive.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 4:15pm

Well we have no more dorm rooms, but DD's room in the sorority was pretty nice.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 5:35pm

Well, my college students live upstairs... and their room is kind of a battleship blue/grey... left behind by older brother S when he left.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 8:42pm

Well, when my students were in college, their rooms were:

Rae orange/rust/terracotta/gold /chocolate-- drapes and bed set.

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Fri, 06-24-2011 - 12:06pm

DD's room at home has Pepto Bismol pink walls (we let the kids choose their own room color when they were painting).