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election day reply
Tue, 11-06-2012 - 10:43am

Glad to hear you're driving voters to the polls, Elle! I hope you're only taking those who vow to vote DemWink.  If traffic weren't so crazy around here I'd be willing to do some volunteer driving, but I don't feel safe driving myself, let alone a carful.

I'll be working at the polls this afternoon.  In past elections I worked the whole day, from 5 a.m -9 pm, sometimes later.  This time I told them I'd help out only if it's a half day, so I start at 12:30.  All the workers get just too tired, making it more likely that mistakes will be made.  Even though it's a simple job, it can get very monotonous and my brain goes to more interesting places then, lol.  The worst part is sticking around until all the machines are shut down, ballots boxed and sealed, and all the paper records signed off on.  Most of the work is done by the election chief and her asst, but we must all be there until the place is locked up.

DS29 stayed here last night and got up early to be at the polls by 6 a.m. with his dad.  They had to wait in line for an hour.  DS23 will vote in MI.  I'm sending him texts to keep reminding him, and I even told him how to vote on the 5 MI ballot proposals which I'm sure he didn't have time to check out.  I figure that's perfectly legit after talking to a woman who said she used to always vote how her husband told her to, cuz she wasn't into politics.  I was shocked!  She said she knew of plenty of GOP wives like that.