generation limbo?

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generation limbo?
Thu, 09-08-2011 - 10:49am
NYTimes article on recent Ivy League grads who are working menial jobs because they can't find work in their fields:

Is it better narrative on twenty somethings than last years over confident entitlement generation?
do you remember where the colgate grad turned down the 40k job to stay with mom and dad?

Do we do this generation a disservice reducing it to the binary
Do what you love and struggle?
Take a job only to pay bills/be comfortable and hate your job?
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Thu, 09-08-2011 - 1:31pm

I think there has to be a comibination of pragmatism and hope when it comes to looking for a job.

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Thu, 09-08-2011 - 2:06pm

While Harvard grads might be worse off than those who graduated 7 yrs ago, they're not any worse off than my brother was in 1968.


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Thu, 09-08-2011 - 2:46pm

I'm not so sure that the point of the first article is that recent grads are working menial jobs; more like that they don't have a career path laid out for them, no matter what university they went to.

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Thu, 09-08-2011 - 7:14pm

Somewhere along the line, kids (and COLUMNISTS) began to believe that simply graduating from college ment you were going to walk out of the door of the school, and in the door of a high-power, great-paying, interesting career.

That it NEVER was really like that, is born out by the "...the portion of graduates who described their first job as a “career” (was) 30 percent, if they graduated before the ... economic downturn, in 2006 and 2007."