Happy birthday to Jean's youngest!

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Happy birthday to Jean's youngest!
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 12:41pm
Jean revealed her youngest is celebrating his birthday without her again. Thanks for sharing your boys with us, we all feel like we have nephews in Michigan and DC.
May we ask you to reveal what you felt with his birth?
Will you and your dh eat cake for him today?
Do you recall what his older brother said when he first saw him come home?
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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 5:00pm

Thanks, Elle.  Pure joy is what I felt with his birth--he was our PLANNED son.  (Although we'd been married for six yrs when we had DS29, we still didn't feel totally ready for him in 1983. I'd babysat for infants only once or twice.)

DS23 is off to East Lansing with his gf to celebrate his birthday with his friends from undergrad. They drove back to MI yesterday after spending a week here, and had dinner with DH who had flown there for work on Tuesday.  Except for 2 dinners together and one evening of talking when they first arrived here in VA, we didn't see much of them, but it was nice while we were toghether.

No cake for DH and me.  We try to limit sweets since at DH's last doc visit he was told he's pre-diabetic.

What did his older brother say?  He was 6 yo at the time, and when he came to the hospital and saw his baby brother for the first time he shouted,  "What an UGLY baby!"  That was quite embarrassing when the staff and other visitors heard it, too.  I have to admit, though, until he was about 1 yr old he really was sort of ugly; esp. after DS#1 who was just the cutest baby.  Good thing he turned out to be quite handsome, maybe even more than his older brother.