Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!
Mon, 10-31-2011 - 4:42am
Do you like candy corn?
Have you sampled your Halloween treats or been full of disciplined restraint? ;)
Are you planning anything special for dinner?

How was your weekend? Get any snow? Go to a World Series parade? Will you see your college student tonight in a costume?
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Mon, 10-31-2011 - 11:02am

Hate candy corn.

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Mon, 10-31-2011 - 11:33am
Candy corn is ok; dh loves it.

No, I don't sample; not that into candy and have very limited trick or treaters anyway; only have 40 pieces (medium sized) and I doubt we'll use most of it. Nothing special for dinner but I did put a fun bag of candy in dh's lunch.

Weekend - busy! Cheered the Cards on Friday night, watched some of the festivities last night. Helped at the annual ''Make a Difference Day" Saturday at ds's U working in an impoverished area trying to help grow a fruit garden - (i.e., back breaking work - we had been told we were doing some cleanup at a house - I wasn't dressed for the task!). No snow. DS went to his gf's sorority party Saturday night; no dressing up today - it was just Jimmy Buffet/Hawaii-themed; he said it was overcroweded and not that great!

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Tue, 11-01-2011 - 7:25pm
Our weekend was nice! Saturday we had 3 couples over for dinner and games. Well, the ladies played games and the guys watched college football. Late Sat. night Amanda and her boyfriend came home from college. I think it was around 11:30 when he dropped her off. They had invited us to go with them on Sunday to Apple Hill. I believe there are about 60 farms and orchards along a beautiful drive. Some are quite small and others are larger booming businesses. We quickly learned that when your 19 year old invites you to go somewhere it means "can Dad drive and we are poor college students so we hope you'll buy us lunch and treats" We didn't mind, as it's nice to spend time with them. Ashleigh was going to come, but decided it would be too difficult to get around on her crutches. She stayed home and did school work.

I was able to see Ashleigh in her costume. She went as the sun and looked adorable. I saw a picture of Amanda. She pieced together a costume out of stuff in her closet at the last minute and went as a gypsy. One of her roommates is from a town not far from her college, so the girls all went trick or treating in her neighborhood. I asked if people had a weird reaction to college kids trick or treating and she said everyone was super nice, excited to see A. and her roommates and happy they were all in costume. Amanda said it was the best night of this college year, so they must have had a great time.

I can take or leave candy corn, but we always make a mix of candy corn and salted peanuts and it is yummy! tastes just like a Payday candy bar.
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Tue, 11-01-2011 - 8:19pm

I do like candy corn but rarely eat it. It doesn't take much to be too much. I did take some candy from the T or T bowl, ate a few that night and have some in the drawer for later--kind of rationing it to myself. Dinner was a simple soup and veggie and grilled cheese sandwiches.

The weekend was good, our weather was beautiful. There was an offshore flow so it was sunny and warm and very clear. A nice change after a cloudy week.

Neither kid donned a costume on the 31st, or at all as far as I know. I talked to dd and she didn't go to any parties, haven't talked to ds but from FB it sounds like he didn't do anything.