Here I can make a post, but can't see ANYTHING

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Here I can make a post, but can't see ANYTHING
Tue, 10-16-2012 - 6:27pm

else!  No original posts, no replies, no nuttin.  I'm on Chrome, and all I get are error messages, UNLESS I hit "Start a Discussion.  Then I come here, where I can see & use the Bold, Italic, Underline, etc header, and the place to upload a file.  

On the 50+ Parents Board, I can make a post, but there is no header, no "edit summary", no place to upload a file, nothing except a box, and a button that says "post".  I can read the original post of all the threads, but no replies, no matter if I am using Chrome or Firefox.

On Parents of Teens, I can read original posts, but no replies.  And I cannot make a post.  When I hit the "start a discussion" button, it gives me a system 404 error.

What a bunch of MALARKEY this has been!!!

Edited to say there has been a change.  I can see SOME original posts, but still no replies.

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I'm using Safari and I can see your post, but all of the threads from prior to the relaunch give me an error message when I try to read them. That happened on another board too. On 50ish Parents I can see all threads with no problem. This morning they said there was a known problem with Internet Explorer, people using Firefox were having better luck.

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Just wanted to pop in and give a HUGE thanks to ya'll for your patience. I know it's so frustrating having these bugs but I promise, our tech team is feverishly working on them. If you have ANY questions or continue to have problems you can do one (or all, lol) of the following:

1.) Email us at: 

2.) Post on the iVillage Help Board. This thread in particular is a good one to follow to keep up with current issues and fixes:

3.) Post here.

Thanks again!