He's graduated, has a great job, nice friends and he's depressed

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He's graduated, has a great job, nice friends and he's depressed
Wed, 01-30-2013 - 9:02pm

my son is suffering from depression.  He's aware of it and says some days it's very tough, and other days he feels okay.  On paper he's got it all going on.  Engineer, great job, nice place to live, good salary, but he says he's miserable.  He says he really does not like the job and yet he's not sure it's the job as much as it's the 8-5 grind so he's not sure he feels like job searching.  He lost his girlfriend and that he says shook his world, but now that months have passed and he's aware she's not coming back, he's not sure if she did, if even that would make him come out of his funk.  He finally made an appointment and went and talked with someone, once.  He said it felt contrived and kinda cheezy.

He point blank asked me for some guidance.  I listened to him and asked him what he thought would help.  He had a few ideas but they were kinda far fetched (even he thought so, as in quiting everything and taking off on some extended trip of sorts).  I acquiesed that it wasn't completely crazy, he is young, but an exit plan he's thought out a little more might be better than just up and leaving (although it's been done many times over right?)

The guy he went to might just not be the right person for him.  I recommended that he try a few others.  

Be open minded to some sort of medicine if need be, but talk therapy with the right person can be a God send.

Any thoughts?