The house is too quiet!

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The house is too quiet!
Sat, 08-30-2014 - 10:34am

Yesterday was drop-off day.  My ex drove since his DW has a bigger car (she didn't come).  The U is about 2 hours from home.  When we got there we were in a very long line of cars that snaked through campus, I assume to keep traffic off the man road from backing up--that was the only bad part.  at one point, they had students handing out snack bags of water, apples, cookies and nuts.  When we got to the dorm, they had moving men (not students) there with bins to unload the car and they brought everything right into the room while we moved on to a parking lot.  The dorm is in a complex for honors students (5 dorms--the one John is in is just for freshmen) and it's only about 2 yrs old so it's nice and still shiny new, unlike my DD's experience at the same U in a 15 story high rise.  Then we went to lunch in the cafeteria--I want to go there just to eat.  I can't believe the huge selection of food, compared to my college days--I don't even know if we had 2 choices for dinner or just one and there was no such thing as a salad bar.  They really emphasize healthy food (no soda and dessert is there but small portions and not emphasized) but you could choose from Asian, pizza, burgers, pasta, tacos, sushi and on & on.

I think he was a little nervous but trying not to show it, like who will I eat with? although his roommate was there so I'm sure they will eat together.  He had an advisory meeting at 3:00 and then some kind of induction into the honors program at 6:00 and then the dorm was having a get to know you type party at night.  Monday is his birthday so at least that will give me an excuse to call!

Oh and I got home and he has a notice to appear for jury duty in Federal court in Oct.--this is after getting a notice for jury duty for state court last year during the school year that I had to postpone (and then when the day came in the summer, they said they didn't need him).  Of course I will ask for an excuse which they must grant because they said if you are a college student, send a copy of your schedule.  But I don't understand how he got so lucky on this one--I have only been called twice in 30 years.

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Sat, 08-30-2014 - 11:29am

I was just coming over to start a 'move in' thread! Even when my boys were in the dorm 6-9 years ago the food choices were SO much better than when I was in college, too! Let us know after you talk to him how his first weekend went. Does he start class on Tuesday?

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Sat, 08-30-2014 - 11:31am

This is ds's 5th year 'going away' (not far) and the only one so far that I'm not sad.  He's so excited about grad school and work and keeps in touch more than he used to as an undergrad.  But believe me, I do know what you're talking about (he's an only) - definitely way quiet around here; no more gaming, reggae, rap...(that stuff I don't miss but it's still weird quiet without it!)  Best of luck to your ds!


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Sun, 08-31-2014 - 12:51am

Yes, Pam, classes start on Tues.  Tomorrow is just more fun but Mon. they have some "official" kind of things--there is a speech by the chancellor and each college has a meeting.  Tonight they were having an after hours trip to the local mall from 9-12.

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Sat, 09-27-2014 - 10:53am
Glad the move in went well. Dd is a Junior in college this year and in a townhouse. She is thrilled about "no more dorm food". Though, like you, I was amazed at the different stations, not like when I was in school. Glad the move in went well. Because dd is a president of a club, she moves in early, so she can be there for freshman/transfer orientation day. It makes it easier! I have to laugh that he got a jury notice, in 31 years, I never have been called!!

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