Looks like I will be a part-time POCS again this fall with BOTH kids.

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Looks like I will be a part-time POCS again this fall with BOTH kids.
Mon, 08-06-2012 - 9:29pm

Lolo has been thinking about medical coding as a side job from home, possibly leading to an AAS in Health Informational Technology, so she signed up for the Medical Terminology pre-req, to give her a feel for the field.  She starts the end of Aug, at night.

Rae has decided on a Master's in Educational Studies, with a concentration in Leadership or Cirriculum Design, and is starting that part-time, nights, in the fall.  Right now, she is not interested in Admin, as in being a Principal, but she is a Dept Head and said either of those areas would take her career forward.  She only had a few minutes to talk, so I'll have to get the rest of the story later. 

I know she had put her Masters plans on hold before, so she could have time to spend with her bf in the evenings, and because she didn't have a real idea what she wanted to do.  Now they are broke up, but are trying to work things out.  However, a couple weeks apart has brought some clarity to her, and she has decided she WON'T throw everything over her shoulder (ie-give up her 7 years career in Chicago Public Schools, move to a suburb & live in a townhouse she hates, pass on having children, AND say "It was ALL my fault.  I have to fix myself.") just to make him happy.  So she is moving forward, with the hope that he will meet her half-way.   I'm glad.

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Good for both your girls, especially Rae.  It's good that she's had that time to think more clearly about herself and what she wants and needs in life.

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It sounds like a great plan for both of them; they'll definitely be busy! I think it's great that Rae is putting herself first as she tries to work things out with her bf - in the end, that will make her happier whether they get back together or break up.