Move in day

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Move in day
Sun, 08-04-2013 - 4:51pm

Yesterday we moved DD into her dorm. She is a community service advisor (RA) so she had to move in a few weeks before classes actually start.  This is our fourth time moving her into the dorm, and we get more organized and faster each year.  Her college has fantastic dorms, but this year I think hers is the smallest and most awkward one yet.  Her past dorms have been like apartments.  She has a full kitchen in this one and a bedroom and a huge bathroom, but no real living room.  Last year she would do some programs for her residents in her place, but there definitely isn't room for that this year. She's excited to be back at school, but a little bummed knowing that even though she is a senior she will have to do a 5th year, due to not being able to get classes she needed.  Most of her friends will graduate in the spring and she knows there is no way she will be able to.

When do classes start for everyone else?  Are they ready to go back?  Are you renting or purchasing text books?

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Sun, 08-04-2013 - 6:09pm

No books for ds for his sr fall semester; all art classes so I'm sure we'll have a ton of art supplies to get.  Not sure if he'll stay in the condo or at home; we really want him to concentrate on getting over this one big hurdle and think he'd be better off at home for that (he can stay at school to work and in the condo for the weekend) - we'll have a good discussion before that's decided.  He starts the 26th; he just finished summer school 2 Wednesdays ago and finally has some time off (hopes to be working and also doing some work with a lady who works with glass) so this is his breather before he dives back in to all art classes.  I'm hoping he finishes next spring for the BA but he plans to stay at the same U for grad school (MAT) so if he needs more time that's ok as he can work on the MAT classes at the same time.


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Mon, 08-05-2013 - 9:15pm

DD just got home last week from two summer sessions.  We're in the process of unpacking a bunch of stuff, packing for a cruise and planning for repacking this stuff up for when she returns to school on the 20th.  She was in an apartment suite this summer with her own room and full size bed.  She gets to downsize into a studio room with two of them in there and twin xl beds.  Hope it's big, LOL!  Saving grace is that there's a full kitchen in there.  DD will be checking in a couple of days early in order to help with Freshman Move-In the next day.  Classes start on the 26th.  She is anxious to go back to do things differently this year and get a new start.

Don't mention books to me.  This is such a racket, it ought to be a crime.  For some of her classes we have been able to get used books or cheaper off of Amazon or  But for quite a few we have gotten new.  These huge textbooks include an "access code" which is valid for a limited time or for a specific user, I'm not quite sure how it works.  If the kids purchase a used book, the access code has to be purchased separately, which in many cases adds up to the cost of purchasing a new book.  I'll be glad to see her get out of these core classes.  Maybe the upper division classes won't require these over-priced books. 

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Mon, 08-05-2013 - 11:16pm

Dd will move in early too on the 22nd. She is a president of a club and has to be early for freshman move in day. Classes start the 26 th. Your dd had to be there so early!!! She already started getting her books on Amazon.

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Thu, 08-08-2013 - 9:35am

Textbooks absolutely are a racket! My D is just starting college, but both kids have been in a private high school for the past two years. The prices of the books are shocking. I try to do it cheaply by googling the ISBN numbers and getting them used (or renting) when possible, but even then, it's never what you'd call a bargain.

The teachers at their HS are pretty good about not requiring the latest edition of every book (hey, they added a semi-colon on page 243, so you get to spend another $185 for that physics book!) but when you go to sell the books back at the end of the year, the company pays you maybe 1/4 of what you paid, and then turns it around and resells it for full price. I swear the whole industry is run by the mafia!

D doesn't buy her books or register for classes until orientation week at the end of August, but I am already dreading what she has to spend. I've been warned about those access codes. A friend of mine told me she got royally screwed when she bought used textbooks for her daughter, then a freshman at Tufts, and had to turn around and pay full price again just to get the code for her to have access to the online stuff.

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Mon, 08-12-2013 - 9:33am
Jordyn has to be on campus at U of Oregon on Sept. 22 to check in for her sports program for hell week. She moves into her dorms on September 26th and they start classes on September 30th. She is excited, but does have a few last things she wants to do with friends here at home before leaving. She has all her books for her Latin 101 class, but the other 3 classes have not posted books yet. She has 2 freshman seminars that she believes will not need books, so she's just waiting on her Writing and Composition class to list books.
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Sat, 08-24-2013 - 8:30pm

Whew!  Finished moving DD into her room.  I had planned on only staying overnight, but ended up staying another day.  I didn't anticipate assembling things , re-assembling, returning what didn't fit, etc.  Plus DD actually wanted me to help her unpack and organize.  No way was I going to turn down that request, LOL!  And DH did not come this time (work) so it was a much more relaxed couple of days.  Roommate seems nice, not sure if they'll be dear friends but as long as there's no hostility and tension that's good. DD went through a lot last year and the summer session, but is already showing signs of doing things differently than before.  I pray it works for her.

Now back to this empty nest...

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Mon, 08-26-2013 - 10:50am

DD was hoping to get the keys to her apartment early so that we wouldn't have to move her in the same weekend the dorms opened. No such luck.  She got her keys Saturday afternoon & we moved her in on Sunday.  Her university has around 48,000 students both on- and off- campus.  It's super-crazy during move-in weekend!  Luckily her apartment is on the western edge of campus (and we were driving in from the west), so we didn't have to contend with maneuvering around the main part of campus.

This is her third apartment in three years, so the moving drill is nothing new.  The hard part was that Sunday was DD's only day off. She worked Saturday until midnight, had Sunday off, then works Monday & Tuesday, and classes start Wednesday.  She was freaking about how she was never going to get everything done in one day. Oh yeah - she also wanted to paint her bedroom (her apartment has an "approved colors" list). 

She packed a load of shtuff in our minivan Saturday, but only had time to pick up the keys then go to work.  Dad called her, got her chosen "approved color" and ran to the paint store.  DD was up at 7:30 Saturday, unloaded the van herself early Sunday morning - stacking everything in the living room.  We showed up at her place around 9:00 (with her fully loaded car) and we started painting. In the meantime, her roommate shows up & starts moving in.  It was a little crowded Sunday.  :)

We finished painting around 11:30.  Well, dd & I were done because we're short & can't reach the top of the wall!  LOL! My tall DH got to finish up that part while we ran to the store to pick up odds & ends. Painting was completely done when we got back. Then DH & I ran home w/ the minivan to pick up the futon & desk. We only live 20 miles away from school so...  no big deal running back & forth for stuff. 

We quickly regretted not making DD come back with us because we also found bunches of tubs in the basement/garage and ended up playing phone tag w/ DD to figure out what she needed/wanted from those tubs!  Eventually we got the minivan all loaded again all the while DD was calling "When are you guys coming back?  We want to go grocery shopping!"      sheesh, go shopping already - that'll give US a moment to stop to rest and to eat.

It was a lot of work getting it all done in one day but we can rest easier knowing DD can now focus on getting ready for school, not on when she can finish moving. She's completely moved in & happy in her new place. It's in a much better location than last year's apartment, closer to the area of campus where she takes the majority of her classes and closer to where she works. 

Here's hoping for a successful senior year!