My (almost) college grad

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My (almost) college grad
Mon, 06-16-2014 - 10:49am

I'm happy to report that my girly is doing well.  She walked in May's commencement ceremony.  Now she's doing an HR internship abroad in Dublin. She officially gets her diploma when she returns in August & submits a final paper.  [I jokingly call it her "What I did on my Summer Vacation" paper...  LOL!]  Her degree will be "Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences" with a concentration in Human Capital & Society, Economics cognate, Business emphasis.

She flew to Dublin on Sunday of Memorial Weekend. The Friday before she left, she had an informal "interview" (more Q&A session) with her Dublin employer during which she discovered her job's dress code is business formal.  Uh-oh...  Girl only owned one business suit.  The rest of her wardrobe is mainly "college chic" (meaning lots of jeans & hoodies), though she did have many pieces that could have passed as "business casual."  Panic set in.  How were we going to find a whole "business formal" wardrobe & required alterations in two days - during Memorial Weekend!?!?  The girl is 5'0" and all of a size two - anything we found was very likely to need shortening/alterations.  I took the rest of that Friday off work for "emergency shopping."  I called in a huge favor w/ a close friend who does alterations, and who (luckily for us) had no travel plans that weekend.  We got DD suited up - and luck beyond luck - nothing required alterations!!!  It's like those suits were tailored just for her.  I called my friend - told her to go ahead & take the weekend off, and thanked her profusely for being willing & able to help on such short notice.

DD's been in Dublin about a month now, is loving her job - and is especially loving the weekends exploring Ireland. Dad is having a hard time w/ his baby being away as DD is most definitely "Daddy's Girl."  If she goes 24 hours w/o posting something on FB or dropping us a text message - he starts to worry.  During her first week, before she started her job full-time, she spent her days "tourist-ing" around Dublin, posting tons & tons of pictures.  Now that she's working full-time, those types of FB posts are not as frequent.  I finally asked her to at least send a "Hi Dad, I'm OK" type of message at least once a day - LOL!

Me...  I do miss DD a lot. But even moreso, I'm happy & excited for her.  When I was her age I was working and finishing college myself, all while raising a tenacious little daughter. While I would have loved to have been able to travel - I wouldn't trade my life for the world.  I'm so proud of what DD has achieved so far in life, and happy that she has embarked upon and is fully embracing this wonderful life experience.  She never fails to amaze me.

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Mon, 06-16-2014 - 11:52am

Good for her!  Congrats. What are her plans for September? Grad school? Work?

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Tue, 06-17-2014 - 10:06am
Congrats to her! It sounds likes she is having a great time and learning a lot!
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Tue, 06-17-2014 - 7:47pm
How exciting for her! My DD spent her Spring break in Ireland. She fell in love and I'm sure she'd be just a tiny bit jealous if she heard about her DD's internship opportunity. Isn't neat to see our kids having these incredible experiences?
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Fri, 06-27-2014 - 3:06pm

We're at the same stage.  It's exciting and also kind of anxiety-provoking. 

My son graduated mid-May and came home for part of the next four weeks.  Last Friday he went to Peru, and we won't see him for six months.  He's working on an archeological dig and then staying for grad school.  I was a wreck sending him off, but the truth is we've seen less and less of him over the last year, which is as it should be, I believe.  When I was his age I'd already been living on my own for a year and hadn't gotten any financial support from my parents since I was 19.  At least now we have cell phones, so he texts one of the family nearly every day.  We won't hear much from him when he's working on the dig, since they have one router for 50 people and no cell phone service at all.

Ireland is an amazing country - your DD will have a wonderful summer!