Student Health Insurance

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Student Health Insurance
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 12:15pm

If the GOP doesn't repeal the ACA, most college students will be covered by their parents' plans because most are <=26.  But for the occasional older cs, like our DS29 who is going back full-time, health insurance is rather expensive.

DS and I spent hours last week calling and checking online for individual plans that might be better than the one his U is offering for $2,000/year.  We thought we'd found one to suit his needs:  $2,500 deductible (for everything except 3 primary care doc visits); 20-40% copays; no lifetime max.  The online quote for his age was $109/mo.  But after completeing the app with health history, they quoted $230/mo.  He said the only things he included on his app that would have increased the premium were his drinking 1X per week and his 8 chiropracter visits last winter.  He has no other health problem, and his back is fine now. 

The plan at his U has a per injury/sickness limit of $300,000, at least until 2014 when ACA prohibits that.  Having worked in hospital finance, I know it doesn't take long for a week-long hospitalization to exceed that amount after a serious accident or illness, and that is why I urged him to check out other plans.  But it looks like the U's plan is best for now so he rejected Aetna's Pro Value 2500 Plan for $230/mo.

I told him at least "you got a mini-taste of what hard-working people (some with multiple health problems or a chronic one) have to go through when they get laid off", and that's a big reason I've always been a stong proponent of single-payer health insurance.  Even though he's pure Dem like me, this experience will help him stay that way.