Talk to your teens fast!

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Talk to your teens fast!
Thu, 08-09-2012 - 12:22pm

A very sad, sad story in a town close to where I live.  Google "Brett Finbloom".  I large article was in our paper this morning.  This boy died of alcohol poisoning, he was 18. 

I did purchase the book "Buzzed" and have it sitting around for DS to read (which he has, but he doesn't think I know), and I will be sending it off to school with him.  We did talk about "shots" and "jello shots".  This article really hit my point home. 

"Buzzed" is a non-pontificating book about alcohol and other drugs.  I think they at least need to be aware of these drugs that will probably be offered to them. The author stated that he begged his daughters to never, ever take ecstacy of any of the drugs as it permantely alters the chemistry of the brain. 

Well, I've been a bit blue since reading this story, and my heart goes out to the whole family. 


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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 10:38pm

A very sad, sad story in a town close to where I live. Google "Brett Finbloom". I large article was in our paper this morning. This boy died of alcohol poisoning, he was 18.

That was a sad story! I didn't know you were from Indiana, Conmana - Carmel really struck a chord with me because dd19 was so heavily involved with show choir, and often competed against Carmel. They visited there and did workshops with them as well (even did something at IU with them, which was dd's first exposure to her future college). Anyway, it was a scary story - this kid sounded like such a nice, normal kid - good student, gifted soccer player, well liked... 

The news about the new Indiana law (protecting underage drinkers who call for help) was especially interesting. I plan to make sure dd knows about it. Thanks for the book recommendation also.


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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:10am
Wow. I think this needs to be posted over on parents of teens also. Lots of kids are exposed to this kind of stuff long before they get to college age. Not to long ago there was an incident in our community involving shake 'n bake meth with junior high kids present! It's really scary - I live in one of those supposedly sleepy rural communities that people move to in order to get away from the problems of the city.