Think tailgating should end on every college campus? Is this just a bandaid for student drinking?

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Think tailgating should end on every college campus? Is this just a bandaid for student drinking?
Wed, 11-10-2010 - 10:12am

The Duke student newspaper, The Chronicle, reports the teenager was found unconscious in a portable toilet following tailgate festivities before last Saturday's game against Virgina. The paper described the teen as the sibling of a Duke student.

In his letter, Moneta acknowledged Duke's victory over Virginia but said "the positive experience in Wallace Wade was dampened by an incident in tailgate ... an incident involving a teenage youth which easily could have been tragic."

"This incident has vividly revealed that tailgate as is practiced at Duke must come to an end,"

Duke's tailgating guidelines "limit" student groups to 30 cases of beer or nine cases per vehicle, and each person who walks into the area is limited to a six-pack of beer.

So if you drive to the tailgate you are limited to 9 cases (270 beers) to split amongst 4 or 5 people. If you walk to the tailgate you get 6 beers.

Good to see Duke cracking down on all these walking while intoxicated incidents?

Wonder how the parents feel about their older child?

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Can't they just ban drinking for tailgate or are they not physically on campus?

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NINE cases? Wow, I think they need to reexamine that. Even if you're driving a minvan that seems excessive. :smileytongue:

We have a similar issue here when our state rivals play each other. They finally banned alcohol inside the game and cracked down on underage drinking during the tailgating period, but it's still a disaster.


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I don't even know how to respond to that!

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Tailgate parties seem to be an American thing. Or atleast, they are a non-Ontario, non-Quebec thing.

No tailgate parties here.