Trend in denim .... Has your college student followed this trend?

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Trend in denim .... Has your college student followed this trend?
Mon, 06-27-2011 - 8:07am
What about you? Have you seen these in the stores?
Would you wear reversible jeans? They would make packing a suitcase or your closet upkeep easier wouldn't they?
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Elle, thanks for keeping us up on all the fashion trends.

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I hadn't seen these jeans but then I don't shop at Neiman Marcus or spend much time in the $200 jeans dept at any store. I guess that answers whether I would buy them for myself lol. Can many college students afford to spend that much on jeans?

My dd (who's not a CS) might be interested in these jeans, I'll have to ask her. For her, fit and style is more important than price. She definitely looks for bargains but will pay an outrageous price for something special so I wouldn't rule out her buying these jeans. She might not be able to afford to buy food for two weeks after buying them, but you probably can't eat much if you want to fit into the skinny ones anyway!

They would be good in the winter, with the two layers of denim, but probably too hot for summer wear unless you're willing to suffer for fashion.