The truth will set us free! How would you answer this?

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The truth will set us free! How would you answer this?
Mon, 09-19-2011 - 4:22pm

IVillage is doing a leader workshop... I am sneakily stealing some questions from our moderator Kellie to get all your views since the board/ iVillage is really all about YOU and YOUR views.

"With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and all the other tools out there now, members don't necessarily use iVillage like they used to."
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Not sure if I can answer all your questions but I'll give it a shot:

I can't think of any other topics Ivillage can offer that I'd be interested in.

Because my boys are now adults, I don't visit other parenting sites. The main reason I still come to Ivillage is because I've been here so long - from the days of Parentsoup/Parentsplace - and I feel like I've made some good cyber-friends here.

I'm a Facebook junkie. I use it to reconnect with friends from childhood, high school, etc. as well as stay in touch with current friends. I have a Twitter but rarely use it. I don't blog.

Facebook makes it easy to find friends, relatives, etc.

I initially came to Ivillage when the boys were about 7 and 10 just looking to connect with other moms of kids of similar age.

I think the POCS board is great - this one and the PoTeens board are the only ones I go to regularly. I do pop in on the 50ish parents a few times a week.

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I don't use all of those sites; I have a FB account but never use it. I think as a new member I was mostly looking for BTDT advice, and now just making sure we're on track. No complaints here!

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I've been on iVillage for a long time too, not as long as Pam, but probably about 10 years now, and I keep coming back because of the cyberfriends I've had here.