Wasn't expecting this

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Wasn't expecting this
Sat, 09-25-2010 - 2:15am
My oldest (senior UC Davis) started school on Thursday. Today she called me in tears saying she had met with her graduation advisor to start the paperwork for graduation. After this quarter she'll have enough credits to graduate. She was crying saying "it's too soon. I just got here." She LOVES school. She's going to have to do a 5th year to get her teaching credential, so it's not technically going to be over. She has decided to take some of the fun classes she's always wanted to take in the spring term and walk with her friends in May. I think it snuck up on her. I'd be jumping for joy at the thought of being done, but she'd be a permanent student if she could.
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Sat, 09-25-2010 - 6:26am

Hi Sharon,


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Sat, 09-25-2010 - 12:45pm
My DD is a senior & I'm sure she'll be the same way. She is very social & so attached to her sorority sisters. This summer we had a couple of girls visit who graduated last year--one only lives an hour away so I'm sure they will still be seeing each other, but the other is about 5 hrs away so when they both have f.t. jobs, it will be difficult. She still has a couple of high school friends she sees, but it's mostly the college ones. I know this summer she couldn't wait to go back. It will be a huge adjustment to working full time and not having friends around all the time. I put that off since I went to law school so I had 3 more years of not working. lol I really did enjoy school.
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Sat, 09-25-2010 - 1:52pm

My ds attended UCD also, and he didn't want it to end either. He was working hard academically (well, by the last couple of years of his 5 yrs there anyway) but he was also having a lot of fun, had great friends there, really enjoyed the student life. He managed to take some pretty interesting classes--intro to viniculture, Anime, a class on fungi where they had field trips to gather mushrooms which they cooked and ate when they returned to campus.

After graduation he would need to face reality/job and true adulthood and many of his friends would scatter (some of his friends were international students) to far away places. I didn't blame him for not wanting it to end...but I sure wanted the (constantly increasing) tuition payments to end!

A bunch of the friends returned to Davis for Picnic Day for a few years, and still get together at various times of the year.

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Sun, 09-26-2010 - 10:50am

With my dd she also wanted to graduate with her friends but she was

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Sun, 09-26-2010 - 4:32pm
Flip side of the coin here. My dd in her 4th (senior?) year but will need to go an extra semester because she transferred AND changer her major. She loves school and her friends but when she found out she had to go for an extra semester she called me crying too but because she's feeling "done" and is "ready to leave the college life behind". I can definitely see that. I didn't wan to go any longer than I HAD to!
Glad your dd is so happy at school.