What age was your college student when they learned to drive? Have they been in an accident? Are you

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What age was your college student when they learned to drive? Have they been in an accident? Are you
Thu, 09-15-2011 - 8:49am
Surprised by the findings in the study highlighted in this nytimes article?
Who taught your kids to drive? What age did you start driving? Who taught you?

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DS19 got his permit the day he turned 15, then his intermediate license 2 days after turning 16 (birthday on a Saturday that year), and now his full license the day he turned 18. He hit a curb and ruined tire and wheel, and apparently recently hit something with the underside of the car that bumped up an air intake, but no 'accident' with another driver (knock on wood!). DH taught him, plus he went to Street Survival training a month after getting his licence at 16.

'Back in the day' as they're saying now, we had driver's ed (classroom) in PE class soph year, and then 'range' that summer with provided cars and school district (I'm guessing!) people training us (required by Chicago at the time) and then the fall of jr year, we got licenses; no real road hours required like they are now in MO (40 hours of logged time, 10 of which is at night).

Not sure which is better, but I'm sure the new logging can be fudged and since at least here there's no required professional training (can all be by a parent or at least vouched for by a parent), there seem to be many younger drivers out there who don't know all the fine rules (ds didn't even read the book; he took the test cold, got the lowest passing of 80% and that's all that was needed)

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Boys both had drivers ed in school here with the (then) required 25 hours driving with us and about 6 hours with the school's drivers ed teacher. Jason got his license a couple days after he turned 16 (he was in Germany on his birthday) and Justin got his when he was about 16 1/2. He just wasn't in a big rush. Justin's totalled 2 cars, both within the last 3 months (he's now 21). First one was his own stupidity - he took off from the house after he'd been drinking at a UFC night here. Fortunately he didn't get very far - ran into a neighbor's mail box and bottomed out on their drive. The airbag went off and the transmission fluid began leaking out so he only got another half block before the car wouldn't run anymore. That one he's paying us back for the $800 deductible. A couple weeks ago on his way home from work someone ran a red and t-boned him (actually it was more up in the front panel fortunately since it was on the drivers side). Her air bag deployed and both cars were totalled. She was ticketed so her insurance took care of that one. Thank goodness neither were hurt. I felt kind of sorry for her - she probably wasn't much older than Justin and was on her way TO work. Justin was also involved in an accident when he was 16. His friend was driving down the 55mph 4 lane highway and someone pulled out in front of them and the friend couldn't stop in time. The car the boys were in was an older one without air bags; thankfully they both had their seat belts on. Jason's never been in a wreck.

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I got my license shortly after I turned 16.

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Oh I forgot the original question.

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<<<<Who taught your kids to drive? What age did you start driving? Who taught you?>>>>

We have strict lincensing laws here.

You have to be 16 to get your learner's permit, G1.

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30yo dd has been in SOOOO many accidents, we've lost count, and they ALL were caused by her being distracted.

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Although both of my college students (age 18 and 21) got their learners permits at 16, neither ever tried to take their road test.

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Ds was 17, dd was 18. Neither was in a big rush to get a license, probably because we didn't have a car available for them to take off in. (Dh had taught both the basics of driving a manual transmission in a large empty parking lot when they were about 14) Driver's Ed was not offered in school as far as I know, so we paid for ds to take a course of classroom driver's ed and 4? hours behind the wheel with a professional instructor. The instructor has to sign off for the student to then get a learner's permit to drive with an adult in the car. After 18yo they don't need the course so that's when dd got her permit, and dh and I rode with her until she felt ready to take the license test.

Accidents: as far as I know the only accident ds has been in was in a parking lot, he connected with somebody who was backing out of a space. The damage to the Ranger p/u truck was minimal. Dd has had 3 accidents. The first late at night she hit a parked car, she said she was reaching for a CD and veered into it. The second a minor rear-ender during the day, and the third somebody ran a stop sign and hit her hard enough to total dd's car. Fortunately she was not injured in any of them. She hasn't had a car in over 2 years but has driven a few times (zip car etc) without incident.

I got my license at around 17. I took driver's ed in school and behind the wheel from a driving school, I think my parents wanted me to tear up the school's clutch instead of theirs lol. I did a little practice driving with my dad but probably